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    The Difference Between Demon Eye Headlights and Angel Eye Headlights

    When it comes to the world of car culture and modifications, the terms Demon Eye Headlights and Angel Eye Headlights are mentioned a lot. As their difference in name suggests, they are two different kinds of headlights that create very different looks and work differently with your car or truck. However, it may not always be clear which is which and why you should choose one over the other for your vehicle.

    Demon Eye Headlights

    Demon Eye headlights get their name from their solid color look. Unlike angel eyes, which create a ring of light, demon eyes shine all the way through the headlights. Think pop culture's representation of demons as having solid red eyes.

    Demon eye headlights are only available as kits - not full assemblies. They are also only compatible with certain cars. If you are going to install demon eyes, your vehicle must have projector headlights. Besides that requirement, these demon eyes kits can be installed with any car, truck, or jeep.

    Angel Eye Headlights

    Angel Eye headlights are another name for halo headlights. The term angel eyes and halos refer to the configuration of this kind of lighting mod - halos are rings that you install around your headlights. Angel eyes first appeared in BMWs in 2000. The unique look quickly caught on and spread like wildfire.

    Where LED demon eye kits will only work on cars with projector headlights, angel eye rings are much more versatile. They are available as both kits and custom full assemblies. You can select a single color or color changing halo headlight option. You can even narrow it down even further by picking one lighting technology over another.

    Since there are so many angel eye headlight options available, it's important to narrow down the selection to make sure you get the right fit. Unlike demon eyes, angel eye headlight kits and assemblies have to match your vehicle's make, model, and year. After that, you can select according to your personal preference for color options, brand, and price point.

    Choosing Your Angel Eye or Demon Eye Headlights

    Now that you know the most basic, yet often most important, difference between demon eye and angel eye headlights - their look - there are still other things to consider. What's your price range? Are you planning on installing the headlights yourself? Which color option should you choose - don't forget, some colors aren't street legal.


    When it comes to headlight modifications, there is a big range for pricing. Demon eye kits rank in at the lowest prices. These kits are easy to install and require fewer parts and pieces. Considering the awesome look they offer, demon eye kits give you an amazing amount of bang for your buck.

    Halo or angel eye headlights are higher in price point, but they also have the more desired look. If you just have to have that angel eye look, but are on a budget, go for a halo headlight kit. While they are more expensive than demon eye kits, they are an economical and eye-catching choice when it comes to car modifications, some of which can rack up a much larger bill.

    If you prefer something with an easier installation and want to get the best for your vehicle, head for the full assemblies. These custom orders arrive to you with the angel eye headlights already installed. All you will need to do is install the assemblies - or have someone install them for you.

    Whichever way you go, NFC Performance has the lowest prices for each kind of headlight modification, and orders over $99 ship for free within the mainland USA.

    Lighting Technology

    Demon eye kits and Angel eye kits are available in different lighting technologies. Demon eye kits use LED ) lighting. LED, or light-emitting diode, lights show up and draw stares during the day or night and last for 60,000 hours of use.

    Angel eye kits listed on NFC Performance use either LED or HID / Plasma. You can only install HID (high-intensity discharge) halo lights for cars or trucks that are equipped with HID lighting. Plasma halo kits are known for giving off an even glow and will stand up to 100,000 hours of use.

    What Else Should You Consider?

    When selecting your demon eye or halo eye headlight kit or assemblies, remember that not all colors are street legal, with colors, like blue, reserved for emergency and law enforcement vehicles. If you plan on activating your demon or angel lights while you're driving on the road, remember that some states have further restrictions.

    Make sure to check out the rules for your location before buying. If you break the law, you will be pulled over and stuck with a traffic ticket. If you select red or blue headlights, make sure you only turn them on for car shows and enjoyment off the road.


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