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    Halo Headlight Frequently Asked Questions

    Does a halo kit include new light assemblies?

    Halo kits do not include new headlight or fog light assemblies. Halo kits must be installed inside your existing assemblies. However, we have full assemblies with pre-installed halos for many makes and models. These start around $215 for fog lights and at about $550 for headlights for many vehicles but can range up to $2000+ depending on your vehicle and what you would like done. Custom lighting jobs are available.

    If we don’t have full headlight assemblies on the website, it doesn’t mean we can’t get them for you. There are just far too many products to list on our website all the time. Please contact us for details if you don’t see your vehicle.

    Do your halos come with a warranty?

    Absolutely! Oracle Lighting™ products are some of the best halo headlights available, and they are backed by the best warranty in the industry and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Just contact us if you ever need to place a warranty claim. Please email our customer service team with your order number and photos of the halo issue you are experiencing.

    Should I add a remote to my purchase?

    For Plasma or LED halos, think about getting a remote for your setup. Oracle’s multifunction remotes are wireless and allow you to turn your halos on and off, dim, strobe, and sweep. They have a 100-foot range.

    How will I switch colors on the dual-color halos?

    The dual-color LED halos come with a switch that allows you to change from color to color. Add a dual-channel multifunction remote control to your purchase if you would like more functionality than a simple switch.

    Can I get halos if there isn’t a kit for my vehicle on your site?

    Possibly! Enter your information here and we'll get back to you within two business days with a quote. 

    Are halo lights illegal? Can I use halos instead of my daytime running lights (DRLs)?

    Yes, you can use halos instead of your DRLs, but check with your local authorities before you install halos and disable your factory DRLs to make sure your setup is legal. You'll also want to be aware of which colors are street legal for your area. In general, red and blue lights are restricted for use by emergency vehicles.

    Where can I get halos installed?

    Check with your local custom car shops first. An installation professional who is familiar with halos is ideal since they will take less time to install them (and charge you less!), but many of our customers complete the installation themselves.


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