The Flying Car is Finally Here, and It Looks Awesome

The Flying Car is Finally Here, and It Looks Awesome

Image:  Aeromobil

Back to the Future fans rejoice! The new Slovakian flying car prototype was recently unveiled at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, and it’s awesome! Although the two-passenger vehicle won’t be used anytime soon for time travel, this limousine sized winged wonder mimics Optimus Prime and transforms from plane to car with a touch of a button in just two minutes. The company began working on the project in 1990 and has released four prototypes. 

Designed by founder and head of the Department of Transport Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Slovakia, Stefan Klein, this vehicle can reach speeds of 160 km/h, and as a plane it can travel at 200 km/h. Speaking at the Pioneers Festival, a two-day entrepreneurship and digital technology conference, AeroMobil’s chief designer, Stefan Klein, and CEO, Juraj Vaculik, said their innovation could “change personal transport on a global scale”. Their flying car, Vaculik said, could eventually become a regular mode of transport for commuters and middle-distance travellers, especially in countries with underdeveloped road infrastructure.Imagine going on a trip where you pull out of your garage, drive to the airport, and without getting out of your vehicle, fly to your final destination. 





The AeroMobil 3.0 that looks straight out of the Jetson’s cartoon will require a sports pilot license. The dream of overcoming borders, said Klein, had always motivated his work on the vehicle: “In the Czechoslovakia, we got very good training as pilots, but we didn’t have the freedom to go anywhere. Nowadays I can use an app to check in my flight on the way to the airfield and I’m in Croatia in ten minutes. For me the freedom to move is really in the DNA of this project.” The Vehicle can be parked in regular city parking spaces, has sturdy suspension that allows it to take off and land on rough terrain and variable-angle wings that shorten take-off distance and improve efficiency. All the 

AeroMobil 3.0 needs to take off is 250 meters of open grassland or a paved runway, and 50 meters of either to land. In airplane mode, the AeroMobil has a 27-foot wingspan, and drive is switched from the rear wheels to the propellers via controls in the cockpit. In flight, AeroMobil says its flying car can reach a top speed of 124 mph and achieve a cruising range of 430 miles. On the ground, the top speed is 100 mph and total driving range is roughly 310 miles. It is also said to have a low cost of maintenance, and runs on standard gasoline.

The company says the current prototype is "very close" to what will eventually be sold, to be made of many of the same materials and include features such as avionics equipment, autopilot and an advanced parachute deployment system. One thing for sure is that the unveiling has brought much excitement to many vehicle enthusiasts but the release to the market is still tight lipped with no announced future dates.

People Are Dying to Get Into the New Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse, Literally

People Are Dying to Get Into the New Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse, Literally

If only the Munster’s could see this bad boy, they’d be driving around town in some serious style! People are dying to get into the new Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse, literally!

Created by Italian specialist firm Biemme Special Cars, costing more than $662,000, you’re feasting your eyes on the world’s first Rolls-Royce Phantom hearse, ready to hire. A. W. Lynn, the family run funeral company who have a funeral fleet of 39 Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles and this new Phantom Hearse brings the current Phantom fleet to 11 in total.Set to be officially unveiled at the Tan Expo funeral home show in Bologna, Italy, the car stretches a total of 276-inches (23-feet!) in length, three feet longer than even the extended wheelbase version of the Phantom. The Tan Expo isn’t the coolest event in the world, simply because of it being the largest event for those involved with the funeral industry. Regardless, the demands of luxury and aesthetic elements during your last hurrah in a vehicle remains a prime demand of those who can shell out the dough. It’s no wonder that the event is a 3-day event where stake holders of the industry come together for exhibition, training, networking, and allied event.

Unique to this car is the fact that it remains a 4-door, and even features a bit of an inappropriately named “suicide” doors.Looking under the hood, the power continues to come from a Rolls-Royce 6.75-liter V12 engine, with a self-leveling air suspension, while the car is made entirely from aluminum with over 600 assembled parts and over 650 feet of welding.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Hearse is finished in silver with contrast silver and custom black fine lines hand painted to the exterior. The front interior is finished in black leather with piano black veneers and black carpets. The coffin compartment features polished stainless steel, crystal glass, fine leather and illuminated highlighting.

The Phantom Hearse also features an automated rear door and coffin platform that opens and closes silently, a portable microphone as part of the highly sophisticated sound system of the vehicle, and the ability to allow funeral services and music to be amplified in any outdoor location.

Matthew Lymn Rose, Director of A.W.Lymn The Family Funeral Service, explained:

“This project has taken a number of years to come to fruition and we are very proud to have brought this one of a kind hearse to Nottingham. We were very conscious of the need to ensure that the appearance of the vehicle was complementary to our fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantom saloons. We also firmly believe in my great great grandfathers vision of continually re-investing in the company for the benefit of our clients.”

We don’t know about you, but we think this car would be bad to the bone rolling around town bar hopping and picking up chicks. Who needs a van when you have all that space in the back for moonlighting and listening to your favorite tunes. And with the rate it’s going for, you could probably afford to have a bar installed for the ultimate end of days par-tay!

Top 5 Cars Unveiled at SEMA

Top 5 Cars Unveiled at SEMA

Photo Credit:

#1 Ford Introduces The Iconic Mustang “King Cobra” at 2014 SEMA Show

If you long for the old time muscle cars, but would like them with all the modern conveniences of today, then this article by Thom Taylor for Hot Rod Network is going to rock your world. Yes, you heard it here first, Ford is bringing back the Mustang King Cobra and it’s better and cooler looking than ever before! Able to do the quarter mile in just 10.97 seconds at 128 miles per hour, this 625 horse power V8 engine is going to get everyone’s attention. For more exciting information and details, read the full article here.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

#2 2015 COPO Camaro Unveiled at SEMA

In the world of stock car racers, and the world the rest of us live in, the 69 Camaro is still a lusted after vehicle. If you have had dreams of taking that fantastic vehicle around the track, then ANABORSDR for Autofluence has some awesome news for you. In this article, you get all the details of the new COPO, or Central Office Production Order, Camaro. With it’s incredible styling already favored by almost everyone, you can now order it with all the high performance aspects of your dreams. It may not be street legal, but when you get to the track, everyone else better just watch out! For more great details, read the full article here.

Photo Credit: Mazda

#3 The 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Cup Car Revealed at SEMA

More exciting news from Miata, and Alex Kierstein for Road & Track brings us all the juicy details in this article. Using the same SkyActive engine as the North American street car, this MX-5 Cup car will be tearing up the track with its additional super secret extras that Mazda isn’t talking about. This car looks incredibly fast when it’s just sitting there. It sure looks like the competition better keep ramping up if they want to have any hope of beating this racing beast. For more information and details, read the full article here.

Photo Credit: Motor Authority

#4 Dodge Viper ACR Concept Headlines Mopar’s 2014 SEMA Fleet

Track focused, and yet street legal, the new Dodge Viper ACR concept car is a vehicle that will rock the driving world once it hits the streets. Viknesh Vijayenthiran for gives us an inside view of the new vehicle and elucidates all the incredible features of this concept car. While Dodge hasn’t announced the arrival of their new Viper production car, many insiders feel that this concept car is getting the public ready for it. To get more details, read the full article here.

Photo Credit: Michael Simari and the Manufacturer

#5 Production 2015 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack to Debut at SEMA, Charger R/T Mopar Concept Along for the Ride

When is a four door sedan more like a race car? When that sedan is the new Charger R/T Scat Pack, and Andrew Wendler for, gives us all the juicy details of the latest from Doge, in this article. With more bells and whistles than a train engine, this hot new car is going to blow the socks off of SEMA this year. For all the latest updates, check out the full article here.

Top 5 Cars To Drive in 2015

Top 5 Cars To Drive in 2015

#1: Top 10 Cars We Look Forward to in 2015

If you’re wondering what the newest cars will look like for 2015, then you’re going to love this article by Nico DeMattia for From the futuristic looking Mercedes AMG GT with its bat wing doors and boasting 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, to the not new look of the 2015 Jeep Renegade, this year’s vehicles to watch will both surprise and delight you. With several choices of sports cars, SUVs and family sedans, this year is shaping up to be full of fun and some awesome looking and performing vehicles. Check out all the great photographs and details by reading the full article here.

#2: The Best Cars, Trucks, SUVs and More for 2015: Editor’s Choice Awards

When the editors at put together a list of their top choice vehicles, you can rest assured, those vehicles have been put to the test and passed. The article breaks down each category giving you fabulous photographs and detailed explanations on each vehicle they recommend as well as a “one to watch” category for their runner up selections. The breakdowns are very detailed and no matter what type or size of vehicle you’re looking for, there will be several choices for you to decide from. To get all the juicy details, read the full article here.

#3: 18 Hottest new Cars and Trucks for 2015 brings us the eighteen hottest new cars and trucks for 2015 and when they say hot, they mean it. From the incredible styling of the Alfa Romeo 4C to rockin’ Porsche 918 Spyder to the totally tough new GM Full size SUVs, these vehicles will make your mouth water. Of course the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe and the Lincoln MKC take the luxury cake, but there are just so many fabulous vehicles coming out this year that it’s really hard to choose. Take a look at all the fabulous photographs and detailed descriptions of these amazing new models by reading the full article here.

#4: Hello MPG! 5 Automakers That Plan to make a 2015 the year of the Turbocharger.

It seems all of the car makers are jumping on the turbocharger bandwagon for their new 2015 models. In this article by Peter Braun for, the author explains how, in an effort to expand fuel efficiency and give more power at the same time, today’s car makers are making the turbocharger their new standard. From Audi to Ford, and in almost every model, fuel efficient turbochargers are going to be what car makers are focusing on. To get all the details, read the full article here.

5: The Seven Best Cars to Start 2015, From Coupes to Supercars to SUVs

From Bently’s new mystery SUV, that is an incredibly beautiful sight to behold, to the Mercedes AMG GT with its gullwing doors, managing to make it look fast just sitting there, Hannah Elliott writing for, brings us 2015s hottest new cars to long for. The photographs and detailed specifications make us want to run right out and get a couple of these. Of course, she also includes the very hefty price tags that come with them, so we may just have to wait till our paper route pays off. Check out these wonderful luxury vehicles and all the juicy details by reading the full article here.

Hottest Trends in 2015 Cars

Hottest Trends in 2015 Cars

2015 is going to be a hot year for the automotive industry. From the new line of Ford Mustangs and F-150s to supercharged favorites like the Acura NSX, there's plenty of excitement for auto junkies.

Toyota Prius

Japanese automaker Toyota is expected to launch a new version of its wildly popular gas-electric hybrid car, the Prius, later this year. We still don't know much about the 2016 Toyota Prius, but industry experts say it will likely feature a lighter and more efficient lithium-ion battery pack, as well as an all-wheel drive option, and a new body style.

Ford Mustang

2015 marks the arrival of the new Ford Mustang. This is the sixth iteration of this iconic American muscle car, which was unveiled last year at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The new Mustang convertible features a multi-layer roof to reduce outside noise. Where the 2016 Mustang really shines, though is under the hood with a line of powerful engines ranging up to 426 horsepower. Car dealers in North America are expected to receive the new Ford Mustang this spring.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 holds the title of being America's best-selling vehicle, which is pretty impressive to say the least. In an effort to continue wowing consumers, Ford is preparing to launch a new model of its signature F-150 pickup truck later this year. Instead of using the traditional steel body and bed, Ford opted for aluminum. Some people may turn their heads at the though of a pickup truck with an aluminum frame, but the American automaker says the new model can pull more while using less gas. Reports indicate the new F-150 could boast up to 30 miles per gallon on the highway.

Sports Utility Vehicles

Bentley is a name that's typically associated with high-end luxury cars, such as the Continental. But the automaker is taking its business in a different direction with the launch of a new sports utility vehicle (SUV) later this year. Bentley has reportedly hired several hundred workers to handle the manufacturing of its new SUV. The official name and pricing of Bentley's SUV have not been announced.

Other SUVs set to launch includes the Audi Q7, Volvo XC90, and the Mercedes CLE.


The highly anticipated Acura NSX supercar will arrive in North America this year. Instead of using the traditional gauche 10 or 12-cylinder engines, however, it will feature an oversized 3.6-litre 6-cylinder engine with twin turbos mounted on top. This new engine setup will deliver the same amount of horsepower as previous models, but it will weigh significantly less.

Volvo announced plans to launch a new Drive-E line of engines, consisting of 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engines with both a supercharger and turbocharger. So even though the engines are technically 4 cylinder, it will deliver the power and performance of a 6 or 8-cylinder engine.

The Cadillac ATS and CTS are getting a makeover this year. Reports indicate that they will feature smaller 4 and 6-cylinder engines with turbochargers.

Cars Debuted at NAIAS 2015

Cars Debuted at NAIAS 2015

NAIAS Preview: Mercedes GLE 63 AMG brings us this great article on the brand new Mercedes GLE 63 AMG. The sporty new body kit really gives this car a great look and style and made it the hit of the NAIAS – Detroit Motor Show. The article also has a video where you can see this new beast in action on the road. We think this new body style is doing to make it extremely popular as it somehow manages to look fast when it’s just sitting there. Check out the great new look and all the fun new details by reading the full article here.


Acura Will Show Production-Ready NSX at NAIAS 2015

Though Acura isn’t revealing the full monty until the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), we do get some great insights from what they are letting squeak out in this article by C.C. Weiss for While it does look like Acura is staying fairly true to the concept car they debuted back in 2012, there have definitely been some modifications that are evidenced in the photographs they are letting out. From fabulous new head lamps to a supped up rear end, this car looks like it will be taking the market by storm once it’s fully revealed. Check out the fabulous photographs and details that have been released by reading the full article here.


This is the 2016 Toyota Tacoma

Darren Cassey writing for brings us the latest information on the upcoming 2016 Toyota Tacoma truck. While there’s not a lot of details given there are some pretty impressive photographs that definitely make us want to get a look at all the information as soon as it’s released at the NAIAS. This tough looking beast has a huge king cab and roomy bed that looks like it’s strong enough to haul heavy loads through snow. Check out all the details and get your engines running for this awesome new truck by reading the full article here.



Volvo S60 Cross Country High-Riding Sedan Revealed, Debuts at NAIAS

Volvo is known for their safety and ingenuity when it comes to car manufacturing, and in this article by, we get a look at their latest installment in the all-wheel drive category. This beautiful sedan looks like a gorgeous family or corporate car, but the raised height and all-wheel drive capability mean there’s more to this gem than meets the eye in terms of drivability. Whether you’re on the road or off, you’ll be riding fine in this vehicle. Check out all the fun details by reading the full article here.


China’s GAC to Unveil 2 Range-Extended Electric Vehicles at 2015 NAIAS

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) promises to be relatively ground breaking in 2015 according to this article by Mark Kane for, because the Chinese are going to finally be revealing their two new range-extended electric vehicles. The two vehicles are called WITSTAR and GA6 GT. They are said to have a combined range of 600km but everyone is hoping to find out what their range will be on electric only. To get all the details that are known right now on these vehicles read the full article here.

Top 3 Super Cars to Anticipate in 2015

Top 3 Super Cars to Anticipate in 2015

Out with the old and in with the new is the theme for this set of articles. 2014 had some amazing new vehicles in the mix, but 2015 is really shaping up to leave last year’s models in the dust. If high performance, power and speed are your favorite attributes in a car, then you’re going to love the articles we've found on all the hot new rides coming out this year. Not only are the styles some of the sleekest and most incredible we've ever seen, but lifting the hood on these beasts will knock your socks off. Check out all the great new additions to the super car and high performance line up for 2015 in the following articles.

#1: 8 Cars to Look Forward to in 2015

It’s time to say good bye to the incredibly hot vehicles of 2014 and check out the latest additions for 2015! In this article by Jeff Perez for, we see some of the hottest new members of the awesome car list. From the new RAD Beast coming out of California, boasting 500 horses under the hood, to the new Renovo Coupe that looks like it’s right out of a James Bond movie, you’re going to be running to your local dealerships to get in line for at least one of these fabulous new sports cars coming out this year. Check out all the details, and fabulous photographs by reading the full article here.


#2: Performance Cars and Supercars Coming in 2015

With a look to what’s coming up in 2015 on the high performance and super car roster, this article by CarAdvice for, has our collective mouths watering for these new monsters to hit the market. From the hot new Ferrari 458 Speciale A, due out in February, to the Lexus RC F, also due out in February, the lineup looks totally awesome! The incredible sporty styling and absolutely crushing power and speed that these new cars can command, makes them fuel for the stuff movies are made of. Get the full low down on all the upcoming new rides that will be coming out this year by reading the entire article here.



#3: Exotic Rides to Launch W70 Supercar in 2015

Jyolsna Ramani writing for, brings us the full Monty on the latest from the Florida based company, Exotic Rides. While they’re already well known for their custom cars and motorcycles, this year they've decided to take the plunge and are producing their first super car called the W70! This monster will sport a 7.0 liter V8 engine and rear wheel drive, which promises 600 horsepower. If that’s not quite enough power for you though, they also plan to roll out a turbocharged version that will provide 800 horsepower. Needless to say, this will be the fastest vehicle on the road and frankly it looks so powerful just sitting there, that it will probably be downright frightening to see it coming in your rear view mirror. Get all the juicy details and check out the amazing photographs by reading the full article here.

Top 5 Craziest Cars And Concept Cars

Top 5 Craziest Cars And Concept Cars

There have been a lot of weird looking and even crazier designed cars over the years. Heck, every now and then you probably see something a little strange on the road. But then there is the really interesting, unique, and unusual. Concept cars are the way designers and auto makers let their hair down and try to show off among themselves. Oftentimes, the result is a little different. With that in mind, here are some possible entries for the top 5 craziest cars and concept cars list.

The Rocket Car:
This one is the Firebird XP-21 from all the way back in 1954. It is actually a turbine powered car that looks just like a rocket. This was actually tested and GM figured their little rocket on wheels was just the thing every modern family might want. Unfortunately, it was very unsteady and impractical.

Our friendly Firebird XP-21 did get up to about 100 mph, but then it was all over. The wheels were said to lose all traction. This caused all of their test drivers to slow down and eventually abort the project for fear of nearly certain death. 

The Volvo Tandem Car:
This one is something Volvo says they are going to mass produce and release to the world. However, they said this a number of years ago with the target date now well past, so your guess is as good as ours. It is laid out in almost a fighter jet style and is certainly very sleek looking.

In this model the passenger sits directly behind the driver (in keeping with its fighter jet style motif). This layout should produce less drag and lead to higher fuel economy. A little crazy perhaps, but who are we to argue with the march of technology and increased fuel efficiency. 

1982 Porsche 928 Custom Roadster:

What makes this one so strange is that it seemingly violates all of the principles and expectations anyone has ever had from Porsche. This little 1982 number is a front-engine vehicle (almost a sacrilege for the real company) replica, since a true open-top 928 was never built by the company. By the way, they also seem to have forgotten exterior door handles and any kind of fabric for the top. Seems like a half finished car!

1968 Lotus Turbine Powered Indy Car:
Once owned by Richard Petty, this little number was something that could have been entered into the Indy 500. The rules were a bit less stringent than today. This four wheel drive turbine powered number from Lotus actually looks more like a Grand Prix model.

The Volkswagen Hovercraft:
Seriously, folks, the Volkswagen Aqua 2011 is the first car claiming to be an all-terrain hovercraft. It is fueled by a hydrogen cell and designed to drive on roads, water, snow, sand, and probably just about anything else these crazy designers could find. Not much is known about this yet, other than it was created by a 21-year old Chinese designer named Yuhan Zhang. Could it be true? Oh, please, you know you really want this one! Who doesn't want a hovercraft?

Top 5 Ways To Customize Your Ride

Top 5 Ways To Customize Your Ride

Who wants to drive the same car as everyone else? Boring. Instead, you are probably already thinking of some cool new ideas and ways to make your car uniquely yours. With a little thought and creativity, not necessarily much cash, you can have a amazing vehicle. Here are the top 5 ways to customize your ride.

Adding An Interior Theme:

Why not consider adding an interior theme? This goes well beyond just having some customized floor mats or even seat covers, although those two elements are certainly part of an overall theme. Think about something that moves or gets you excited. This could be a sports team or player, or maybe even just a color.

Whatever it is that excites you, make that your interior theme. Then, have the seat, the floor mats, the steering wheel, and even the dash all decked out in the particular color or design that makes sense. This is a great way to personalize your ride and have everyone know this is 'yours.'

Amazing Stereo:

Everyone loves having a great stereo that really cranks out the beats. Cruising around on a summer day with the windows down just listening to your favorite music brings back fond memories to almost everyone. The really great thing is that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to make your own custom stereo.

You could take this one step at a time. Upgrade the deck first and then work from there. Maybe also think about better speakers, which will give an instant upgrade in both sound quality and clarity. Then, if you have the time and extra cash, think about an amplifier and subwoofers.

Wheels & Rims:

You can make a strong statement by upgrading your vehicle's wheels to larger, broader, and just cooler looking rims. With tons of choices in terms of colors, styles, and other options, you can really have just about any type of combination you like.

Always check to ensure the particular rims you are looking at will indeed fit your vehicle. This includes the wheel size, bolt pattern, and the offset. Once again, you don't need to spend much money here, especially if you are willing to consider used rims.

Window Tinting:

There are even a number of additional benefits to tinting your windows, beyond just looking cool. Your tint will help reduce glare and perhaps even increase visibility. It will also keep the interior cool and and reduce the damage done by UV rays on interior materials. Just check local laws about how much of a tint you may be able to use while driving, since there are different regulations and restrictions.

Halo Rings:

Halo rings are one of the best ways to really add some flair and drama to your car. Not to mention a bit of style. Oracle Color Shift Halo Rings actually give off many different colors, with everything available on a single six-layer PCB board. These are also LED lights with amazingly clear and bright colors along with remote controllers activated by sound. Best of all, you can add a number of pre-programmed effects including strobing, fading, flashing, and a whole lot more. A very economical customization.



Bottom Line:

Any of these top 5 ways to customize your ride will make for a really cool and unique looking vehicle. Start wherever you want and with whatever resources your time and budget will allow. Consider making those changes that will have the biggest and most dramatic impact on your vehicle's look and ride.  

Worlds Greatest Race Tracks

Worlds Greatest Race Tracks

The world of racing has produced some incredible events and spectacles, no matter what level the race. The race track is arguably the most important element to an exciting and memorable race. From the tight twists and turns, to aggressive straightaways, the way a driver navigates a race track perfectly to win an event is one of the most fascinating parts of the sport and keeps us all coming back. While many race tracks produce great runs and amazing finishes, some tracks tend to be a little more exciting than others and can go down as some of the most memorable in the history of the sport.

Formula 1 racing has produced some of the greatest spectacles in motorsports over the last several decades and no one can argue the tracks have not played a highly significant role in these races. The Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium is one of the most historically famous tracks in Formula 1 racing. the 7.004km/4.352mi. long course has been around for nearly 100 years and has produced some of the greatest moments in racing history, such as Mika Hakkinen catching Michael Schumacher and his Ferrari for the win.

Laguna Seca in California is another famed track in Formula 1 history as the difficult corkscrew defines this course with an uphill run into a sharp turn that goes a hard dip in elevation as well. This unique twist on a turn design makes this track one of the funnest and best spots to watch great racers at their finest as they mush challenge themselves to conquer the difficult turn.

If you are one of the lucky ones to have visited Nurburgring in Germany, you have been able to witness one of the most challenging and exciting tracks in the history of racing. The nearly 100-year old track had a modern course built in 1984 and has been hosting Gran Prix races since 1927. With the 2007 European Grand prix being held at Nurbugring, it is clearly one of the most decorated and prestigious tracks on the racing circuit and will hopefully continue to host high quality races for years to come.

With a plethora of incredible race tracks dotted all over the world, there are plenty of amazing areas to watch the best drivers in the world battle each other, as well as themselves with both body, mind, and machine. Which race track around the world is your favorite? Be sure to let us know!