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Best Cars to Modify

With so many cars out on the road these days, it can be hard to stand out and make sure you are noticed in your ride. Customizing your vehicle and putting your own personal twist on it can get you and your car noticed. Not every car in the world is ideal for top of the line customization however. You have to pick and choose what to change based on what you have. So what are the optimal cars to modify? Here is a list of some of the best models that will stand out the best on the road, in a good way.

A fan favorite, the BMW 3 Series/M3 is an outstanding model to put a custom touch on. With its top of the line rear wheel drive, it is an excellent canvas for high end performance modification. Keeping things in Germany, the Volkswagen Golf/GTI is another fantastic and popular model to go after with your modification. With a plethora of aftermarket additions, the VW Golf is one you can really have a lot of fun with.

An American muscle staple, the Ford Mustang has long been a darling for customization and seems to stand out no matter how many you see on the road today. With the Fox body in the 1980's really starting the modification trend, this car is one of the best options to really put your personal touch on.

One of the most popular cars you will find on the road in general, is another excellent option to modify and get the most out of its performance. The Honda Civic has value no matter what condition it is in and if you can pick one up, you'll enjoy the fuel economy and customization side. The sky is really the limit when it comes to aftermarket options for this incredibly popular Japanese machine.

Another outstanding smaller modification vehicle, the Nissan 240SX is arguably the best possible drifting cars you can create, making it a highly coveted item for many tuners out there. The most popular customization feature you will find on this car are in its rear chassis modifications to get the optimal drifting performance. The World Rallycross Champion car is another outstanding selection with the Subaru WRX STI. With the power modification options going through the roof, this is one of the best possible options for those looking for top speed.

Do some research and if you are wanting to modify a ride, try and track down one of these coveted vehicles to get the most fun out of your driving.