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Properly Cleaning Cars' Wheels

With lovely weather in the wings, the time is getting right for some fabulous road trips. However, after all the nasty winter weather, it’s also probably time to give your ride a good cleaning. One of the hardest areas to get and keep clean are your tires and wheels. So to help you in your goal to get that vehicle in tip top shape, we’ve gone to the internet to find some articles on how to get your wheels and tires as clean as they can be, and keep them that way.

How to Clean Wheels and Tires

In this article by detailing expert Scott Race for, you’ll get the full low down on how to get your tires and wheels super clean and keep them that way. He starts by giving you details on the kinds of things you’ll be cleaning off of your tires and wheels, providing detailed explanations and photographic examples. In the next section, he gives you a full list of cleaning equipment and products you’ll need to really get those tires and wheels looking new again. In a step by step process, you’ll get a breakdown of the best way to approach cleaning your tires and wheels. Using both photographs and detailed descriptions, after reading the full article here, you will be turned into a tire and wheel cleaning expert.

Best Wheel Cleaners

If you really want a good comparison of just about anything, then the folks at are going to be a good first start. In this article, they investigate popular tire and wheel cleaners to see if their claims of making old tires and wheels look new with no scrubbing are actually true. As it turns out, the study found that no matter which cleaner you used, you would need to scrub if you actually wanted to see much of a difference in cleanliness. They also note that many of the products have warnings about not getting the chemical on your hands, and because they all require scrubbing you’ll need to wear gloves. In addition, with so many wheel metals now available, you’ll need to make sure that whichever cleaner you choose is safe for your type of wheels. Get all the information on the specific brands they tested and the full results by reading the entire article here.

How to Detail Your Wheels, Tires and Wheel Wells

When you want your wheels and tires to look like they’ve just been detailed after you clean them, then you’re going to want to read this article by Todd Cooperider for A detailing expert, Todd shows you how to detail your tires and wheels so they look like they just came out of a professional detailing shop when you’re done. Providing you a full list of cleaners and equipment you’ll need, as well as a list of the types of cleaners you’ll want to use, Todd takes you on a step by step journey of exactly how to detail your tires and wheels. Get all the professional advice by reading the full article here.