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The Most Popular Car in Your State Is...

With so many brand new makes and models available to the public year in and year out, selecting the right vehicle can be a very challenging situation for many people. From state to state and city to city, the most popular cars are always an ever-changing trend from state to state, with a few dominating certain regions of the country. What car do you drive? Wondering which model is the most popular in your state? Check out the stats we have compiled so you can find out.

Starting on the west coast, the states of Washington, Oregon, and California, are dominated by the fuel efficiency, Japanese made cars from Toyota and Honda. In the upper pacific northwest, the state of Washington was dominated b the Subaru Outback. As we move further south to the state of Oregon, the Dodge Ram Truck was a consistent staple on the rainy roads. When we get to one of the most populated states in the union, California, the most seen vehicle in the Golden State was the always popular Honda Accord, with its stylish design, combined with top of the line performance and fuel efficiency.

Moving into the Southwest, the Dodge Ram crosses the border from Oregon and down into both Nevada and Arizona, even jumping across the Idaho panhandle into Montana. That is the extent of the Dodge Ram however, as when you hit the state of Idaho and Utah, stretching over to the Dakotas and even as far east as Tennessee and Pennsylvania, the Ford F-Series is the most prominent vehicle, ranking number one in a record 16 states across the country.

Coming in second for the most popular vehicle in 10 different states, the Chevy Silverado absolutely dominates the American midwest, stretching from Minnesota and Iowa, all the way over to West Virginia, before popping up again in both Delaware and New Hampshire in the New England region.

As we move to the traditional southern states, the Toyota is a very popular vehicle, with the Camry being the most seen in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The the great sunshine state of Florida however, another Toyota model reigns supreme with the Corolla being the top dog.

With the rest of the east coast north of the Carolinas, a wide variety of vehicles pop up state to state, from the Subaru Forester, the Honda CR-V, the GMC Sierra, as well as the Ford F-Series and Subaru Outback.

What state do you live in and what car do you own? Let us know in the comments!