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Interest-free payment options available through Learn more.
Interest-free payment options available through Learn more.

Discount Halo Headlights (Huge Sale)

We strive to offer you the best selection of halo lights for trucks and cars at the best prices. That's we we list halo light rings and many other lighting products for over 40 makes and nearly 200 models, and each set of halo light rings is covered by our Lowest Price Guarantee. Our halo lights for cars and trucks are made by Oracle Lighting™ and LED Concepts™, two of the best manufacturers in the business. Not only will you get a great price on premium products, you may also qualify for our free shipping policy - all you need is a shipping address within the contiguous USA and an order amount over $99. Start by narrowing down your selection by your vehicle's make and model.

Everything You Should Know About Halo Lights for Cars and Trucks

Your aftermarket lighting choices span a wide variety of products from fog and halo lights for cars and trucks, to wheel light rings, to demon eyes, and more. These products come straight from our trusted manufacturers and use one of two lighting types. No matter which one you choose, you'll get reliable, bright lights, and with us, you'll get them at the best price.

Halo Light Rings Technology

All of the halo lights for trucks and cars our site use one of two available lighting technologies: LED (light emitting diode) or Plasma. While neither of these is the original halo lighting type (CCFL), they are newer and brighter technologies that each have their merits.

LEDs came after CCFLS and pushed them into retirement. Now LEDs are the most popular type of aftermarket auto lighting on the road. They are brighter than CCFLs - bright enough to show up during the day - and last about 10,000 hours longer. LEDs are also the only kind of lighting type that can be used in color changing halo headlights and other color changing auto lighting products. 

Plasma lighting is the newest halo light ring technology, and all of our Plasma products come from Oracle Lighting™. They last approximately 100,000 hours - almost twice as long as LEDs. While they can't change colors, like LEDs they are remote controllable and they are ultra bright. Plasmas also have the smooth and even beams that were made popular by the original halos - a highly desired trait.

Halo Light Ring Kits Vs. Custom Halo Headlights

For many makes and models, there is the option for you to choose full assemblies, which are custom orders, or a halo light ring kit. If you select a kit, you'll need to install it yourself by opening up your assemblies and properly placing the rings. but don't worry - each kit comes with clear instructions to help you out. Kits also have a lower price point than full assemblies, and they ship out faster.

If you choose a pre-assembled option, there will be a bit of leg-work up front. Full assemblies are custom halo headlights orders because they arrive to you with the halo rings already installed. Pre-assembled lights have a higher price point than kits, but if you want to avoid completing the installation by yourself, then full assemblies are the way to go. Because custom lights are not eligible for return, when you place your custom order with us, we'll ask you for a picture of your car or truck to ensure you get the exact product you need. Then production time will take about 12-15 business days before your custom halo headlights ship out. It takes a bit longer to get ahold of your product, but the ease of use of full assemblies is worth the wait.

Receiving Your Halo Light Ring Product

When your lights ship out, we'll give you a tracking number - keep an eye on it so you know when your product will arrive. As soon as you have your package, you'll need to inspect your halo lights for shipping damage and try them out with a bench test. If you find anything wrong with your halo lights, hold onto the damaged product along with all of the packaging materials it arrived with and contact us right away.

You will need to do this inspection and test as soon as possible, because Oracle Lighting™ and LED Concepts™ require that damage be reported to them within 24 hours of delivery in order to be able to provide a replacement at no cost to you.

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