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Halo Headlights For Chevrolet Camaro

If you are looking for a set of Chevrolet Camaro halo headlights, shop here at NFC Performance and get an LED Concepts™ or Oracle Lighting™ kit or pair of custom assemblies. This week only, our Annual Mega Sale means the lowest prices possible.

Don't wait to select the Plasma or LED, single color or color changing headlights you want for your car. Along with our sale prices, save even more with our 0% sales tax policy.

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More About Chevrolet Camaro Halo Headlights

Our Chevrolet Camaro halo headlights come in many different choices from single color and multi color options, to different lighting types, to kits and full assemblies. Our multi color options include colorSHIFT and Profile Prism halo kits and assemblies. With programmable LED color changing halo headlights, you can switch easily between street legal and non street legal colors using your remote control.

LED (light emitting diode) halos are the most commonly used of the three different halo lighting technologies. They replaced the original CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lighting) halo headlights for multiple reasons. In addition to their capacity for color changing and lighting effects (due to their special multi bulb make up), they are also remote controllable. If you select an LED kit or assemblies, make sure to add a remote to your order if you do not already have one.

LEDs are also brighter than CCFL rings (which are now retired), capable of showing up in daylight. While they have a different appearance than the CCFL classic halo look, they last about 10,000 hours longer - in total, about 60K hours of use. There are LED halo kits and full assemblies for just about every make and model, and LED lighting is used in many other aftermarket auto lighting accents.

Plasma lighting is the latest halo technology. Plasmas are only available in single color options; however, they do draw benefits from both LED halo rings and CCFL halo rings. Plasmas have brought back the classic halo look with their continuous, even beams of light that would have otherwise been lost when CCFLs were retired. Plasmas, like LEDs, are brighter than CCFL lights and are visible during both day and night. This halo lighting type is also better than both of its predecessors when it comes to continuous hours of use; Plasmas will last you for 100K hours - an incredibly long time.

Chevrolet Camaro Halo Headlight Installation

Our Chevrolet Camaro halo headlight kits have more economical pricing than the halo pre-assembled lights, and installation is uncomplicated. Each halo headlight kit includes a complete set of instructions that walks you through the steps of opening up your assemblies, correctly placing the rings and the wires (which come with the halo rings), and closing the assemblies back up without any complicated wiring. If you want a little extra help, you can also refer to our Halo Headlight installation tips.

Chevrolet Camaro pre-assembled halos arrive to you with the halos already installed. While they have a higher price point than halo kits, you won't need to take the time to install them yourself or find and pay someone who knows how to install them for you. Because they are made specifically for your car, pre-assembled lights are custom orders.

When you place a custom order with NFC Performance, we want to make sure you get the right assemblies with the right halos that will fit your car exactly. That's why, after you place your order, we will request a photo of the front of your vehicle so we can make absolutely sure you get the product you need. This is an important step that must be followed because custom orders cannot be returned.

Before placing your pre-assembled lighting order, check out our custom order policies so you know exactly what to expect. Keep in mind that while most orders take only a few business days to process, custom orders take a bit longer - about 12-15 business days.

More Chevrolet Camaro Lighting Options

In addition to the many lighting products designed specifically for your Chevrolet Camaro (including side markers, bowtie emblems, and fog lights), NFC Performance also lists many different universal lighting products. These products have fewer limitations regarding the kinds of vehicles they are compatible with, unlike halo rings which must match up with your specific make, model, and year.

Universal fitment LED products, like wheel light rings and demon eyes kits, are top sellers. Unlike halo rings, also called angel eyes, demon eyes cause your headlights to change to a solid color. While they could work with any make, model, or year, demon eyes are available only as kits, not full assemblies, and only work for projector headlight outfitted vehicles. However, these kits have color changing and remote control abilities and are often lower in price than halo ring kits.

LED Concepts Lights For Chevrolet Camaro

LED Concepts™ is a well-known manufacturer of Chevrolet Camaro LED halo headlights kits. Relatively new to the lighting world, having gotten their start in 2013, they have made a name for themselves. Profile Prism halos are this company's signature color changing technology. In addition to halos, LED Concepts™ also makes wheel lights, demon eyes, and other lighting accessories for a large selection of makes and models.

Oracle Halo Lights For Chevrolet Camaro

Oracle Lighting™ may be the best known brand for halo headlights. Make your selection by color option, lighting type, and the year of your Camaro. Then branch out into Oracle's other lighting options for your car, like tail light kits or side markers.

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