Halo Headlights For Chrysler 300C

Halo Headlights for Chrysler 300CThis week only, NFC Performance is holding it's Annual Mega Sale, offering you heavily-discounted prices for Chrysler 300C halo headlights. Select your kit or custom full assemblies from LED Concepts or Oracle.

Now is the time to buy! In addition to our low prices, our customers never pay sales tax, and most orders within the mainland USA ship for free.

More About Chrysler 300C Halo Headlights

Get your Chrysler 300C halo headlights in LED or Plasma lighting. Plasma is the newest halo lighting type and is growing in popularity. Plasmas are bright enough to be visible in daylight and last an incredibly long time - 100K hours of use.

LEDs have been around for much longer, but they have a wider range of capabilities including lighting effects, color changing (select a Profile Prism or colorSHIFT product), and remote controllability. LEDs are also used in other auto lighting products like wheel lights, demon eyes kits, and fog lights.

Chrysler 300C Lights by LED ConceptsOur listing of Chrysler 300C headlights products are made by LED Concepts and Oracle Lighting - two nationally trusted auto lighting brands. LED Concepts makes one type of Chrysler 300C halo headlight kit - Profile Prisms. They passed over single color options, and went right to color changing technology.

Chrysler 300C Lights by OracleYour options from Oracle are more varied. Unlike LED Concepts, Oracle has plasma options and pre-assembled options for your Chrysler. With such a wide range to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect kit or assemblies for your car.

LED Concepts Lights For Chrysler 300C

Oracle Halo Lights For Chrysler 300C