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    Custom Headlights

    Aftermarket replacement headlights are the simplest and easiest option for you to use to upgrade your vehicle with a set of halo rings. Your pre-assembled headlights will be made specifically for your car, SUV, or truck and will arrive to you with the halo rings already installed by professionals. Each aftermarket headlight assembly is a plug and play product that is easy to hook up and even easier to use. Whether you select LED rings or Plasma rings, you can control your bright halo beams with the touch of a remote control.

    Not only do we list the best pre-assembled headlights for a considerable range of makes and models, they're going at excellent prices, which are covered by our Lowest Price Guarantee. If you're looking for a new set of aftermarket headlight assemblies, come here for free shipping for most orders, high performing products, and top-notch customer service.

    Advantages of Aftermarket Headlights

    Aftermarket headlights have distinct advantages over halo headlight kits. The first, of course, is that once you get them, they're incredibly easy to use. The halo ring installation process has been done for you and you won't need to go through the steps of opening up your assemblies and properly placing the halo rings.

    The second advantage is that they are made specifically for your vehicle. This means that they are custom orders. When we receive your order for a new set of aftermarket headlight assemblies, we'll reach out to you to request a photo of the front of your vehicle that will be used to ensure that you get a perfectly compatible product. While you can select a halo ring kit according to your vehicle's exact make, model, and year, pre-assembled headlights are made just for you.

    Aftermarket LED Headlights and Plasma Headlights

    After you've gone to the page for your vehicle's make and model, you'll be able to see which products and lighting technologies we have available for you. For many models, we offer you a choice of aftermarket LED headlights and aftermarket Plasma headlights. LED (light emitting diode) halo rings are the only ones capable of changing colors, so if this is what you're after, select a colorSHIFT product. LEDs are also super bright and long lasting at 60,000 hours of use.

    Plasma halo headlights are just as bright as LEDs, but they last almost twice as long at 100,000 hours - that's an incredibly long time. While they are the newest type of halo lighting technology, Plasmas emit a beam that looks incredibly similar to the original CCFL halo beams, smooth and lucid.

    Custom Orders

    As you already know, aftermarket headlight assemblies are custom orders. After you have placed your order, we will contact you for a photo of your vehicle. Once your assemblies go into production, it will take about 12-15 business days before they are ready to ship out, and considering their ease of use once they arrive to you, it's well worth the wait.

    Once your pre-assembled headlights are on their way to you, we'll provide you with tracking information in an email. Keep an eye on this, because you'll want to be prepared to receive and inspect your product. For more details about this important information, take a look at our shipping Policies. Another important detail to know about custom orders is that they are not eligible for return.


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