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Halo Headlights For Dodge Challenger

Our Dodge Challenger halo headlights are from two of the top brands in the business. Oracle Lighting™ and LED Concepts™ halo lights are top-quality and built to last. Get your halo headlights at our Annual Mega Sale - rock-bottom prices for this week only!

Get your Dodge Challenger single color or color changing halo headlights here at NFC Performance, and get free shipping for all orders over $99 within the continental USA.

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More About Dodge Challenger Halo Headlights

When selecting your Dodge Challenger halo headlights, consider your preference for our various color options, lighting types, and whether the lights come as a kit or pre-assembled. Our Dodge Challenger products are available as single color or as color changing halo headlights in ColorSHIFT or Profile Prism technology. These color changing options use LED lighting and are operated via remote control.

After gradually replacing the now retired original type of halo rings, CCFL, LEDs are now the most popular halo lighting type. In addition to their color changing and remote control capability, LED rings have their own unique look due to their composition. LED halos are made up of multiple tiny bulbs strung around the ring. When these many tiny bulbs light up, they give off a fractionated beam that is distinctly different from the even glow of CCFL halos.

When it comes to your Dodge Challenger, aside from LEDs, your other lighting type option is Plasma. Single color Plasma rings are the newest type of halo technology and take some of the best qualities from the now retired CCFL lighting type and the highly popular LED lighting type. From CCFLs, Plasmas have taken their even, fluid glow that many drivers find more attractive than the fractured LED look. Plasma halo headlights, like LEDs, are also bright enough to attract attention in the daylight, and they last even longer, offering you 100K hours of use.

Dodge Challenger Halo Lights Installation

Our halo kits are plug and play products, which means they are easy to install. After removing the assemblies from your challenger, you will need to open them up. Remove the lens, followed by the chrome piece. After that, you will need to properly place the halo rings and wires and put the assemblies back together. While there are of course a few finer details between those steps, installation is fairly straightforward.

Each kit will arrive to you with a complete set of instructions, and you can also view the video below that Oracle Lighting™ has created to walk you through the installation of your Dodge Challenger halos step by step. If you select a pre-assembled product, it will arrive to you with the halos already installed.

Pre-assembled lights for your Challenger will be easy to start using right away, but there will be just a little bit of leg work ahead of time. Pre-assembled lights are custom orders; these types of orders are just a little bit different. While most orders for halo kits take a few days to be processed, custom products have a lead time of about 12-15 business days. When you place your custom order with us, we will request that you send us a photo of the front of your vehicle to ensure that the product you receive will fit your car perfectly - this is especially important because custom orders are not eligible for return. If you're looking for pre-assembled halos or plasmas, read all of our Pre-Assembled Products information ahead of time.

Dodge Challenger Lighting Accessories

In addition to their ease of use and major aesthetic appeal, LEDs will last you for years, coming in at 60K hours of continuous use. Not only are LEDs used for halo / angel eye rings, they are also used in other types of auto lighting accents, including demon eyes, wheel lights, fog lights, engine bay lighting, and more.

As for demon eyes, while they use the same lighting technology as halo rings, or angel eyes, they offer a vastly different look. The name halos of course refers the bright ring around the headlight. Demon eyes offer a solid glow that comes from the multicolor LED lights being placed behind the projector headlight. Unlike halo rings, which need to be purchased according to make, model, and year, demon eyes kits have only one restriction - they will work for any vehicle as long as it is equipped with projector headlights.

LED Concepts Lights For Dodge Challenger

LED Concepts™ is fairly new to the headlight world, but has risen through the ranks remarkably quickly to become a top competitor. With its roots starting back in 2013, they have since worked to improve their products to go above and beyond the competition. Acquired by a larger company in 2017, they have kept their high standard for quality and gained access to more resources and a wealth of experience.

Oracle Halo Lights For Dodge Challenger

Oracle Lighting™ is perhaps the most established competitor in the after market auto lighting industry, and there is a reason they have come so far. In their nearly two decades in the business, Oracle Lighting™ has accumulated a massive amount of knowledge and skill for crafting their products. They are the best recognized brand name out there and offer a huge selection of products for a wide variety of makes and models. They are the manufacturer of all of our plasma halo and fog light kits and assemblies and many of our LED products. 

Not only does Oracle Lighting™ make halo headlights for your Dodge Challenger, you can also get tail lights, fog lights, and side markers. For even more ways to boost the look of your Challenger, check out our Universal Lighting Accessories. These products are not specific to vehicle make, model, or year.

Important Information for All Orders

For any order placed with NFC Performance, it's important to follow our shipping policies. While shipping damage is uncommon, it can still happen, so you must inspect the product as soon as you receive it. This is because Oracle Lighting™ and LED Concepts™ both require that any damage or defect be reported to them within one business day in order to replace the damaged product free of charge.

To test the product once you receive it, perform a bench test to make sure the lights are working properly. Do this by hooking up the positive wire to a power source and the negative wire to a ground power source. If the lights aren't functioning correctly, it's important to get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can reach out to the manufacturer for you.

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