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Halo Headlights For Dodge Charger

Give your Charger a new look with long-lasting Oracle Lighting™ or LED Concepts™ Dodge Charger halo headlights. This week only, get your kit or assemblies at the lowest prices available at our Annual Mega Sale.

Don't forget - here at NFC Performance, if your order is shipping within the mainland USA, it ships for no extra charge. Make your halo headlights selection according to available colors and lighting type.

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More About Dodge Charger Halo Headlights

Our Dodge Charger halo headlights come in a variety of color options, lighting options, and as kits or full assemblies. For a color changing option, select an LED Concepts™ Profile Prism or Oracle Lighting™ colorSHIFT product. Because of their color changing and lighting effect capabilities, these products are only available with LED lighting.

LED (light emitting diode) lighting is the most common halo ring lighting type on the road. LEDs have replaced the original halo lighting type, CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lighting), which is now retired. This is because of their unique capabilities that come from their make up of multiple tiny bulbs working together to give off a strong beam of light. LEDs are the only lighting type capable of color changing and lighting effects. They are also controllable by remote. If you do not already have a remote, make sure you add one to your order before check out. Not only do LEDs have these unique traits, they are also brighter than CCFL halos and last about 10,000 hours longer.

Plasma rings are the newest type of halo lighting and are growing in popularity. If you are looking for an ultra bright, single color option with the classic halo look, you'll want to take a look at our Plasma rings. Plasmas have taken and combined benefits from both LEDs and the now retired CCFL technology. Like LEDs, Plasma halo rings give off light that is bright enough to catch the eye during the day. Like CCFL rings, Plasmas have an uninterrupted, even glow that many car enthusiasts find more desirable than the fractioned beam that LEDs emit. Plasmas outshine both LEDs and CCFLs when it comes to being long lasting - they will stand up to 100,000 hours of continuous use.

Dodge Charger Halo Headlight Installation

All of our Dodge Charger halo headlight kits are plug and play products. Each halo kit is shipped along with a complete set of instructions that will walk you through the simple installation process that will involve opening your assemblies, placing the halo rings and wires in the proper places, and closing the assemblies back up to place them back in your Charger. Kits come with all the wires you need, and installation won't require you to do any complicating wiring.

Dodge Charger halo rings also come in pre-assembled options. Pre-assembled lights arrive to you with the halo rings already installed. Because full assemblies are so specific to your car's make, model, and year, they are custom orders. Orders for most products leave the warehouse within a few business days; custom orders take about 12-15 business days. However, assemblies arrive to you ready to go, making them worth the wait.

When you place a custom order with us, we will ask you to send in photos of the front of your vehicle so we can make sure that the product that will ship to you is perfect for your car. This is an important step because custom orders cannot be returned. If you want to get pre-assembled lights, make sure you read our custom order policies to be fully informed.

If you want a little extra help with installing your Dodge Charger halo headlight kit, you can refer to the video by Oracle Lighting™ below to view each step. This video shows the oven heating method for opening your assemblies.

2005-10 Dodge Charger - ORACLE Lights Halo Install Guide from ORACLE Lighting on Vimeo.

More Dodge Charger Lighting Options

Halo headlight rings and fog light rings are the most popular after market lighting additions, but they are not your only options. In addition to Dodge Charger grill crosshairs and tail lights, we have a large selection of universal fitment products. Halos must be specific to your car's make, model, and year in order to fit properly. This is not the case with universal lighting products. These types of products have very few restrictions regarding vehicle compatibility, if any.

The most popular universal products are wheel lights and demon eyes kits. Demon eyes and angel eyes (the other name for halo rings) are very different products. Where halos get their names from the ringed beam of light they give off, demon eyes are named for lending headlights a solid color. Demon eyes are not available as full assemblies - only as kits - and are easy to install. Their one restriction is that they are only compatible with vehicles that are equipped with projector headlights. Our demon eyes kits are LED, color changing products that match up with a remote control.

LED Concepts Lights For Dodge Charger

Our Profile Prism products and many of our other LED products are manufactured by LED Concepts™. We list LED Concepts™ products on our site because they are a trusted brand. After opening their doors in 2013, they grew at an amazing pace to become a brand name that is recognized nationally for their consistency and high quality. In 2017, LED Concepts™ was acquired by a larger company and gained access to even more resources to be able to expand and continue to meet their high standards for their customers.

Oracle Halo Lights For Dodge Charger

All of our Plasma products and many of our LED products are made by Oracle Lighting™. Oracle Lighting™ may be the most recognized aftermarket auto lighting brand in the industry. With almost two decades of experience with working to improve and perfect their products, Oracle Lighting™ is a highly trusted manufacturer, and they provide halos and many other products for a wide range of makes, models, and years.

Important Information for All Orders

We want you to have the best experience with your new lighting product. The first thing you should do when your package arrives is to inspect the product for damage. Shipping damage does not happen very often, but it is a possibility. Open up your lights as soon as you get them - if you notice any defects or damage, contact us at NFC Performance right away so we can contact the manufacturer. Make sure that you keep the damaged product and all of the packaging it arrived with. LED Concepts™ and Oracle Lighting™ have policies that they must be notified of defects or damage within 24 hours of delivery so they can provide a replacement at no additional cost to you. Make sure you read our shipping policies ahead of time to know exactly what to do.

The best way to make sure your lighting product is in good working order is to do a bench test as soon as you get it. A bench test is an easy and quick way to test the product before you go through the installation process. To do this, open up the product and connect the positive wire to a power source (12 volts) and connect the negative wire to a ground source.

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