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Halo Headlights For Dodge Durango

Don't wait to get your Dodge Durango halo headlights - NFC Performance is having its Annual Mega Sale, happening this week only! LED Concepts™ and Oracle Lighting™ manufacture our high-quality halo headlight kits and assemblies according to their high standard of quality.

You've come to the right place for your Durango headlights. At NFC Performance, not only are we offering these excellent prices, we offer them with 0% sales tax, and most orders ship for free within the US.

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More About Dodge Durango Halo Headlights

Select your Dodge Durango halo headlights kit or assemblies in one of two available lighting technologies: LED and Plasma. LED halos are extremely popular as they have their own look and two huge benefits. 

LED halos are made with a bunch of tiny bulbs put together to make a ring. Bright enough to show up in the daylight or the dark, these bulbs all put together give off a fractionated light where the individual bulbs are visible. They are so popular, not only because they have been around longer, but also because they are capable of changing colors (check out our Profile Prism or colorSHIFT products), and they are remote controllable. LEDs are also used in other types of lighting like demon eyes kits, wheel lights, and fog lights.

Plasmas are a newer halo lighting type. While they cannot change colors or be controlled by remote, Plasmas give off a solid, smooth beam of light that some drivers find more attractive than the LED look. Plasmas also have nearly twice the amount of continuous use time as LEDs, going up to 100,000 hours.

Our Plasma kits and assemblies and many LED products are manufactured by Oracle Lighting™. Oracle Lighting™ has a reputation for providing a lighting option for just about every make, model, and year. Their wide selection allows you to pick the perfect halos for your car.

Color changing Profile Prism halo kits come from LED Concepts™. After growing rapidly, LED Concepts™ became a nationally recognized brand name. Offering a more targeted selection, they skipped the single color halo option and went directly to the versatile multi-color halos.

LED Concepts Lights For Dodge Durango

Oracle Halo Lights For Dodge Durango

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