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Halo Headlights for Ford Mustang

This week only, get your Ford Mustang halo headlights at the lowest prices at our Annual Mega Sale. Our Mustang halo headlights are made by Oracle Lighting™ and LED Concepts™. These two top companies are trusted brand names that back their products with excellent warranties. NFC Performance offers high-quality products and free shipping for orders $99+ for all lighting types and color options.

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More About Ford Mustang Halo Lights

Our Ford Mustang halo headlights and fog lights kits and assemblies are available in a wide selection of single colors in Plasma or LED lighting types. For those who are looking for a little more flash, we also list color changing halo headlight options. For color changing halos, choose a Profile Prism or ColorSHIFT technology kit or assemblies - these are only available with LED lighting. These LED halo headlight and Mustang halo fog light kits and pre-assembled lights can be programmed with lighting effects using a remote control. If you don't already have a remote control, make sure you select one before you check out.

Remote control compatibility and color changing and lighting effect capability are the top reasons why LEDs are by far the most favored halo lighting type out there. LED (light emitting diode) halos steadily replaced the original halo lighting type, CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lighting), which has since been retired. LEDs also have an unmistakable look due to their unique make up. These halos are made up of multiple tiny bulbs that, when lit, can be seen individually by giving off a fractured beam.

However, some drivers prefer a smooth beam from their halo headlights. If you're a part of that group and you're looking for single color halos, you will want to select a set of Plasma rings. Our Ford Mustang Plasma halo rings only come as kits and are not available as full assemblies. Plasmas are the latest type of halo lighting technology and have combined benefits from both the now retired CCFL lighting type and the widely used LED lighting type.

Plasmas have the even beam that CCFLs once offered and that is considered to be the classic halo look. However, Plasmas are longer lasting than CCFLs were, with around 100K hours of use. They are also brighter, taking on one of the benefits of LEDs. Plasmas are bright enough to still be strikingly visible during the daytime.

Ford Mustang Halo Headlight Kits and Assemblies

Our kits and assemblies are manufactured by our two trusted auto lighting brands: LED Concepts™ and Oracle Lighting™. Halo kits are plug and play products and are very easy to install. Each kit arrives to you with a complete and comprehensive set of instructions, and Ford Mustang halo headlight installation requires no complicated wiring.

Assemblies arrive to you with the halo rings already installed. While their price point is higher, positioning the new assemblies in your Mustang requires minimal effort. Pre-assembled lights are custom orders and require a bit of preliminary work. Once you place your order for your pre-assembled lights, we will request photos of the front of your vehicle to ensure your new assemblies will be a perfect fit. Assemblies also have a lead time of 12-15 business days because of their custom status. However, it will be well worth the wait when you receive your ready to use pre-assembled halos.

More Ford Mustang Lighting Accessories

When you're looking to boost the look of your Mustang, halo headlight and fog light rings are not the only lighting accessories available to you. In addition to LED Mustang side markers, consider some of our universal fitment products from LED Concepts™ and Oracle Lighting™. Universal fitment products are not restricted by the make, model, and year of your vehicle and have few, if any, limitations. Some of our most popular universal lighting accessories are wheel rings and demon eyes kits.

Demon eyes and halo lights, also called angel eyes, are distinctly different products. Where halos are LED or Plasma rings with ultra-bright output, demon eyes get their name from the solid color they lend to your headlights. Demon eyes are only available in LED lighting and are restricted for use in vehicles that are equipped with projector headlights. Because they use LED lighting, demon eyes are capable of changing colors and are remote control compatible. While they are not available as full assemblies, demon eyes are easy to install, and they also tend to have a lower price point than halo kits.

LED Concepts Lights For Ford Mustang

Though they have not been in business for as long as some of their competitors, LED Concepts™ has shot to the top of the list of auto lighting brands. Starting out in 2013, LED Concepts™ grew as a company and continually improved their standards for quality and consistency. In 2017, they became part of a larger company and now have access to the means to raise the quality of their products even higher.

Oracle Halo Lights For Ford Mustang

Oracle Lighting™ opened their doors in 1999 and has since become a brand name that is recognized by car enthusiasts across the country. After gaining skill and knowledge in their nearly two decades in the business, Oracle Lighting™ now provides lighting products for a huge variety of makes and models. In addition to halo headlights and fog lights, they manufacture demon eye headlights, wheel lights, and more.

Important Information for All Orders

For an order for any product, it's important to inspect the product as soon as the package is delivered to you. Damage during shipping is rare, but it can happen. Both LED Concepts™ and Oracle Lighting™ require that any defect or shipping damage be reported to them within one business day in order to for them replace the non-functioning product at no cost to you.

When you get your order, ensure it's in proper condition by performing a bench test. This is a way to easily test the lights before you install them. To perform a bench test, connect the positive wire of the product to a 12 volt power source, and connect the negative wire to a ground power source. The lights should come on just as you'd expect them to once properly installed.

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