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Premium Halo Headlight Kits (Lowest Prices)

You have come to the right place for a brand new halo light kit. We carry only premium halo lights for a huge range of makes, models, and years. We source our LED halo light kits and Plasma kits from the two top manufacturers in the country, Oracle Lighting™ and LED Concepts™. These single color and color changing halo headlights offer your vehicle's look an exceptional upgrade for a low price.

Everything You Should Know About Halo Light Kits

At NFC Performance, we are proud to carry a spectacular variety of halo headlights kits from Oracle Lighting and LED Concepts, leaders in the aftermarket auto lighting industry. These high caliber halo headlights options are some of the best and brightest you can find and give your vehicle an updated aesthetic appeal.

Oracle Lighting and LED Concepts Halo Light Kits

Oracle Lights for Sale at NFC PerformanceOracle Lighting has been making auto lighting products since 1999 and they have become one of the most recognized names in the business. They manufacture both Plasma halo light rings and LED halo light rings as well as many other types of accessories, such as demon eyes, wheel rings, and rock lights.

Halo Lights by LED ConceptsLED Concepts is a relatively new company, having opened up in 2013, but they have still managed to rocket to the top of the list of halo headlight manufacturers. LED Concepts has shown a dedication to consistency and quality. Their signature products are their Profile Prism color changing halo headlight rings.

Halo Headlight Technologies

LED Concepts Color Changing Halo HeadlightsOur halo light kits use either LED or Plasma lighting, an important distinction to be aware of when making your selection. LED halos are the most popular type on the road. They are incredibly bright, last 60,000 hours, and - the biggest difference - are capable of changing colors.

Where Plasma rings are not capable of color changing, they are just as bright as LEDs, showing up day or night, and they last even longer at 100,000 hours. Plasmas also have a highly desirable look that mimics the original halo beam that appeared in the early '00s. Plasmas emit a lucid glow that is smooth and even.

Installing Your Halo Light Kit

Once you receive your halo light rings, the installation process is probably not as difficult as you might imagine. Regardless of which kit you choose, it will arrive with a full instruction set that will walk you through each step. If you think you'd like a bit more help, you can also view the video below by the experts at LED Concepts™. Here, they show you how to install a Profile Prism (formerly Color Morph) halo light kit.

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