Oracle LED Wheel Light Rings (Set of 4)

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Product Description

Oracle, the elite brand name in custom vehicle lighting, has taken it to a whole new level with their jaw dropping LED wheel lighting. Seeing is believing with these almost unbelievably cool new automotive customization that's universally applicable for almost all wheels. The wheel size does not matter. The bigger the wheel the better the rings will look because the light will have more space to travel. The rings are based on the brake rotor size which makes the rings mostly universal and will fit up to a 15” rotor.

Admit it... You've never seen anything like this before. You'll be the talk of your town, undeniably recognizable everywhere you go. For the ultimate experience, upgrade to ColorSHIFT rings. These special RGB LED built lights can be custom set to almost any color on earth and instantly changeable using the ever popular Oracle ColorSHIFT Wireless remote control that is included when you upgrade to ColorSHIFT. You can program light shows, set street legal colors when on the prowl, and go into extreme not-street-legal colors when it's safe to do so. Just be prepared to have everyone in town ask you where you got them from day 1 (it's your choice whether or not you tell them!). 

 Product Specs:

- Wheel Ring Diameter: 15.5" 
- Mounts to brake rotor dust shield 
- Operating Voltage: 12V DC 
- Vibrantly Lights Up Wheel Wells. 
- ORACLE Quality Flex LED Strip. 
- Fits Around Brake Rotor. 
- Can Withstand High Temperatures. 
- Universal Fitment. 
- Mounting Hardware Included. 
- 1 Year Warranty.

Kit Includes the following:

- (4) Aluminum Wheel Rings equipped with Premium ORACLE LEDs 
- (1) ORACLE LED Illuminated Rocker Switch. 
- (12) Aluminum Mounting Brackets (3 Per Ring) 
- Hardware- Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Screws 
- Installation Instructions


The ColorSHIFT Wheel Rings have two remote options. The included 1.0 Remote is a radio frequency remote that offers several patterns and functions that will allow you to control your ColorSHIFT Wheel Light Rings to your specifications. Or, for the ultimate control over your ColorSHIFT Wheel Light Rings, upgrade your remote to the 2.0 Deluxe Infrared Remote. This remote offers more control and additional functions over your lights by offering additional functions.

Note: Fits up to 13.5" Rotor- Rotors over 13.5" are considered oversized and will need to add the expanding adapter option. The standard size will not fit the SRT Mopars (commonly known as Dodge Mopar vehicles) or the new 2015 C7 Corvette. For these vehicles we extend the rings by 2” in the front to clear the rotors and you must notify us by email as soon as you order to have the rings custom fitted. If you have put on custom brake systems on your vehicle (You WILL know if you've done this), you may also need your wheel lights custom built with the extra 2". This is common for owners of older muscle cars.

Oracle Wheel Rings Installation

The install is generally one hour per wheel. Not all vehicles have a dust shield to mount on (see video above). If this is the case for your vehicle, you can mount in to the wheel spindle or any other part of the vehicle that does not travel with the suspension.

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