Halo Headlights for Mazda RX-8

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More About Mazda RX-8 Halo Headlights

Give your car a new look with Mazda RX-8 halo headlights. Most of our RX-8 kits use LED lighting. LEDs are the most widespread type of halo. They maintain their status because of strengths that aren't available for any other lighting technology.

LED halos are remote controllable. When selecting your halos, make sure that if you do not already have a remote, you add one to your order. The remote can be used to program lighting effects, and - if you have a Profile Prism or colorSHIFT set - color changing effects. LEDs are the only type of halo bulbs that have the capacity to change color. They are also used for other auto lighting accents like demon/devil eyes, wheel ring kits, and engine bay kits.

Aside from LEDs, your other lighting option is a Plasma halo kit. Outfit your RX8 headlights with Plasma rings to give them the type of even glow that LEDs cannot produce. Plasmas are also extremely long-lasting.

Mazda RX-8 Lights by OracleThe RX-8 Plasma kit and some LED kits are manufactured by Oracle Lighting. In addition to a single color LED kit, Oracle also offers a multicolor option with their colorSHIFT halos.

Mazda RX-8 Lights by LED ConceptsLED Concepts manufactures a similar product with their Profile Prism kit. Not only does this kit offer a full color range, you also have your choice of remotes with different capabilities, and this company provides an outstanding warranty. 

LED Concepts Lights For Mazda RX-8

Oracle Halo Lights For Mazda RX-8