Halo Headlights for Nissan Frontier

Halo Headlights for Nissan FrontierThis week only, shop during our Annual Mega Sale and upgrade your truck with a set of Nissan Frontier halo headlights for the lowest prices around. Select a halo kit or assemblies from LED Concepts or Oracle for the highest quality product.

These Frontier halos come in different lighting styles color options. Seize the opportunity for low prices, 0% sales tax, and free shipping for most orders before our sale ends.

More About Nissan Frontier Halo Headlights

Come to NFC Performance for your Nissan Frontier halo headlights and select from halo kits and pre-assembled halos, single color or multi-color halos, and the available lighting types - LED and Plasma.

One key difference to pay attention to when making your selection is lighting type. Most of our kits and assemblies use LED lighting. LEDs are the most popular kind of halo ring for a few different reasons, the most striking being their color changing capability. The special make up of LED halos - many tiny bulbs - allows you to switch from one color to the next. LEDs are also capable of programmable lighting effects with a remote or smartphone app. LED lighting is also used in other auto accents like devil/demon eyes headlights and rock light kits.

The other lighting option for your Nissan Frontier headlights is Plasma. Plasma is a newer halo light technology. While they are not capable of color changing, they do emit a uniform glow, that many people find more attractive than the Nissan Frontier Lights by Oracledistinctive LED look.

All of the Plasma and some of the LED kits and assemblies come from Oracle Lighting. This manufacturer is a strongly recognized auto lighting brand Nissan Frontier Lights by LED Conceptsthroughout the US. Profile Prism color changing halos are made by LED Concepts. Profile Prisms are their signature halo type, and the company covers their products with first-rate warranties.

LED Concepts Lights For Nissan Frontier

Oracle Halo Lights For Nissan Frontier