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Plasma Halo Headlights for the Lowest Prices at NFC PerformancePlasma lighting is the newest halo technology, and it has been growing in popularity since it hit the market. If you are considering a set of plasma halo headlights for your car or truck, you'll want to read up on all the benefits that these halo rings have to offer you. We've put together a guide below about halo lighting technology, what to consider when ordering your plasmas, plasma halo headlight installation, and more to help you decide on the right product. And once you have decided, ordering Plasma halo rings with us is easy, and we'll give you the best deal - guaranteed!

Before You Choose Your Plasma Halo Headlights

Plasma Lighting Technology

As you already know, Plasma halo rings are the latest in halo lighting technology; however, they have taken the best element from the original halos - their appearance. BMW invented this look in the early '00s, and it took off, leading to a strong market for halo kits and assemblies. These original halos used CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lighting) technology. They emitted even, smooth beams - that classic halo look - and lasted for about 50,000 hours. However, their beams weren't bright enough to stand up to the light of day, and they were only effectively visible at night. Now that newer, brighter, and longer lasting lighting technologies have come into play, CCFLs have been retired.

Color Changing Halo Headlights at NFC PerformanceBefore Plasma halo rings came LEDs. These were responsible for pushing CCFLs into retirement. LEDs are currently the most common type of halo ring out on the road, mainly because of their versatility. LEDs are the only type of color changing halo headlights because no other lighting technology has the specific type of make up that enables them to perform these lighting effects. However, this same make up that allows for their multi-color function is responsible for the fractioned look of their beams. When lit, the spaces between each bulb can be visible, causing a very different look from CCFL rings. LED lighting is also used in many other aftermarket auto lighting accessories, including wheel lights, demon eyes kits, and rock lights.

Plasma Halo Headlights for a Classic Halo LookThat brings us up to today, where it's time for Plasma halo headlights to start taking up their share of the market. This lighting type is bright enough to give off a striking look day or night and lasts even longer than LED halos at about 100,000 hours of use. Plasma kits have a fairly straightforward installation process and are easy to operate - just a touch of your remote control. Best of all, Plasmas have revived the classic halo look that would have been lost when CCFLs went away. They emit that lucid, uninterrupted glow that LEDs just aren't capable of.

Our Plasma Halo Headlight Manufacturer

Plasma Halo Headlights by Oracle LightingWe source our halo headlights kits and assemblies from only the best manufacturers, and all of our Plasma halo rings come from Oracle Lighting. This brand name is recognized far and wide across the US. Oracle products are known for their superior quality and stellar performance. The company began back in 1999 and hasn't stopped growing since. Their products are user friendly and backed by excellent warranties. While there are Plasma products for fewer makes and models than LEDs cover, Oracle still offers a large range of Plasma halo headlights for you to choose from. Visit the collection for your vehicle's make and model to see what we have to offer.

Plasma Halo Light Kits vs. Assemblies

Before you start considering whether you would prefer a Plasma halo headlight kit or halo pre-assembled product, check first to see what we offer for your car or truck's make and model. Because Plasmas are so new, there are not yet kits designed for a huge range of vehicles, and there are even fewer pre-assembled Plasma products.

Plasma halo light kits are made by Oracle to be easy to install - you will need beginner/intermediate knowledge of a few tools and basic assembly structure. The task is most likely not as daunting as you may think - see more information about installing your halos below. Or if you would prefer not to spend your own time on this task or don't feel up to it, you can find someone local, like a trusted mechanic or car mod shop, who knows how to install them for you.

Plasma Halo Headlights available as Full AssembliesIf you find that Plasma halo assemblies are available to you for your car or truck, be prepared - because of the incredible ease of use of these products, they have a significantly higher price point. These custom headlights arrive to you as full assemblies with the Plasma halos already installed, meaning that you have to put in next to no effort once you receive them. There will be a bit of leg work beforehand though. Because these are custom orders, we'll reach out to ask you to send in a photo of your car or truck so we can make sure that your order will be a perfect match for your vehicle.

Choosing Your Plasma Halo Headlights

Ordering your Halo Lights at NFC Performance

As we said before, we list only high-caliber products on our site, but that's not the only benefit to shopping at NFC Performance. In addition to knowing that the Plasma halo rings you'll get are the best of the best and that they're covered by an excellent warranty, there are three other big reasons to buy from us.

Excellent Customer Service for Your Plasma Halo Headlights Order1. Exceptional Customer Service. Our knowledgeable customer support staff is available to you by phone or email Monday - Friday. If you have any questions about one of our products, placing an order, or an existing order, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to get you the information you need.

2. Our Low Prices. We've compared our prices with our competitors' to make sure that we have the best deals on our site, and we're confident enough that we've succeeded that we
cover our final pricing with our Free Shipping for Most Plasma Halo Headlights OrdersLowest Price Guarantee.

3. Our Zero Percent Sales Tax and Free Shipping Policies. We offer you even more savings by never adding sales tax to your order. Depending on the Plasma halo rings you're ordering, that can mean a significant difference in the price. And most orders qualify for free shipping - your order total just needs to be above $99 and shipping to somewhere within the contiguous USA.

Plasma Halo Headlight Specifications

Plasma Halo Headlights Remote by Oracle LightingWhile Plasma halo rings are not capable of color changing, you still have the option for which individual color you would like. Select one of four colors: white, red, blue, or green. You may want to consider which colors are street legal. Laws differ from state to state, but in general, red and blue lights are reserved for emergency vehicles.

Whichever Plasma halo light product you choose, you will need a compatible remote in order to control it. If you already have a remote, you may not need to buy a new one, but if you don't, make sure you add a remote (or an on/off switch) to your order before you check out.

Complete Your Plasma Halo Rings Order

Plasma Halo Headlights KitOnce you have chosen your Plasma halo lights kit or assemblies, go to checkout and complete your order. We'll immediately send you an order confirmation email with the order number that you can reference if you need to contact us with any questions. If you have selected a kit, in most cases you will receive your tracking information in about 2-4 business days.

If you have chosen to place a custom order for full assemblies, we'll contact you to request a photo of the front of your car or truck that we will then send to Oracle Lighting where their experts will make absolutely sure that the product you will receive will be exactly right for your vehicle. Once that step is complete, your order will go into processing, which will typically take about 12-15 business days before your assemblies ship out. 

After You Get Your Plasma Halo Headlights

Run A Bench Test

Regardless of which product you get, there is one step you will always need to take: inspect your product as soon as you receive it. Keep an eye on the tracking information that we give you so you can be prepared to check to make sure that your lights were not damaged during shipping. It doesn't happen often, but if you open up your halos and see that there's something wrong, notify us here at NFC Performance immediately, because you will have a 24 hour window to do so. This is because Oracle Lighting needs to be contacted within this time frame in order for them to provide a replacement at no extra cost to you.

If you've opened up your lights and everything appears fine, the next step is to run a bench test. Even if your lights aren't visibly damaged, there is a very slight possibility that they have a defect that could cause them not to work properly. A bench test will ease your mind that your Plasma halo headlights are in perfect working condition and save you time, money, and effort on the off chance that you need to contact us about a non-working product.

Install Your Plasma Halo Rings

Each Oracle Lighting Plasma halo headlights kit comes with a full set of instructions that you can follow step by step to install your halo rings. You won't need to perform any complicated wiring, and the process will take less than a couple hours. To get an idea of what you'll be doing ahead of time, check out our Halo Headlight Installation Tips. Or you can take a look at an example of a halo installation in the video by Oracle below.

Take Your New Look Out on the Road

Test Out Your New Plasma Halo HeadlightsNow that you know everything about your Plasma halo rings, once you have properly installed them, it will be time to take them out on the road. Just remember that some colors are not street legal, so make sure to check out the laws for your area. If you turn on your red or blue halos while you're out driving around, you'll be ticketed. For these colors, its best to restrict use to car shows or use off the road. After you've tested out your Plasmas, let us know about your experiences and share photos of your vehicle's new look with us on Facebook.