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Best Quality Full Halo Fog Light Assemblies

Upgrade your truck, SUV, or car with brand new full halo fog light assemblies. We have them listed here at the lowest prices, and at NFC Performance, most orders will qualify for free shipping - if your product is over $99 and your shipping address is inside the contiguous USA, you meet our requirements! Each of these custom lights products comes from one of the country's most trusted manufacturers, Oracle Lighting™. Oracle Lighting™ makes consistently high performing full halo fog light assembly products and halo headlights.

Everything You Should Know About Full Halo Fog Light Assemblies

Halo Fog Lights Manufacturer

Oracle Lighting™ is often referred to as the best aftermarket headlight assembly brand, has years of experience, and has been building their reputation since 1999. They are known for producing high performing automotive lighting products for many different makes and models. Their signature technology is their LED colorSHIFT lighting. These products are capable of programmable lighting effects and color changing.

Halo Fog Lights Technology

Full halo fog light assemblies are available in two lighting technologies: LED (light emitting diode) and Plasma. Each has improved upon the original halo lighting type, CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lighting), which has now been retired.

The biggest difference between CCFL technology and LED lighting is that LEDs are the only lighting type that can change colors. They also emit stronger beams than CCFLs, able to show up brightly, night or day, and last longer at approximately 60,000 hours. Another significant variation is that LEDs have a different look than CCFLs. Instead of emitting an uninterrupted, sharp beam, they emit a fractioned beam because they are made up of multiple small bulbs together on the ring.

Plasma halo fog lights, however, give off a very similar glow to CCFLs, which is what many people love about them. Plasmas are also extremely bright and last the longest of all the technologies at approximately 100,000 hours. If multi-functionality appeals to you, then their one significant downside is that they cannot change colors.

Both LED and Plasma halo fog lights are remote controllable, making it easy for you to turn them on and off whenever you want to. If you already have a compatible dual channel remote, you may not need another one. Otherwise, you will need to select a remote to go along with your full halo fog light assemblies before you go to checkout.

Custom Lights Information

Since full halo fog light assemblies arrive with the halo rings already installed by Oracle Lighting™, they are custom orders. Ordering full assemblies is slightly different from ordering a kit. Custom orders require that you send in a photo of your vehicle so Oracle Lighting™ can make sure that the lights you receive are a perfect fit. Oracle pre-assembled headlights also take a bit longer to process and be prepared to ship out - about 12-15 business days. Once your assemblies are on their way to you, we'll give you your tracking information. For more details about receiving your full assemblies, go to our Shipping Policies.

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