Halo Headlights for Scion tC

Halo Headlights for Scion cTDuring our Annual Mega Sale, get Scion tC halo headlights for exceptional prices this week only. Your options come from the top auto lighting brands: Oracle Lighting and LED Concepts.

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More About Scion tC Halo Headlights

For your Scion tC halo headlights, you've come to the right place. We provide LED and Plasma halo headlights in single color and multicolor options for your tC. All of our halo kits are plug and play products, which means they are easy to install. You will want to narrow your selection by choosing between Plasma lights and LED lights.

Plasma rings are the newest type of halo lighting. They are incredibly long lasting with about 100K hours of use, and are bright enough to draw stares even in the daylight. For a high quality, single color option that gives off a smooth, fluid glow, go for a set of Plasma rings.

LED lighting has been around longer than Plasma lighting and is the prevalent type of halo ring for a few reasons. Due to their make up (multiple tiny bulbs strung together in a ring), they are capable of color changing and lighting effects. For a color changing option, select a Profile Prism or ColorSHIFT kit. They are also remote controllable. If you don't already have a remote, make sure you add one to your order. These remotes allow you to program those awesome color changing and lighting effects and put them into action at the touch of a button. LED lighting is also what gives demon eyes, different from angel eyes, their striking look.

Scion tC Lights by OracleAll of our Plasma kits and some of our LED kits are made by Oracle Lighting. This company has been in the business for about 20 years and has accumulated the knowledge and skill to provide the best halo rings, fog light kits, and more. As a brand recognized all across the US and a provider of lighting accents for a huge range of makes and models, Oracle products are a top choice for our customers.

Scion tC Lights by LED ConceptsOur Profile Prism kits are made by LED Concepts. For these color changing, remote controllable halo rings, LED Concepts skipped the single color option and went all out to offer multicolor and lighting effects for your Scion. 

LED Concepts Lights For Scion tC

Oracle Halo Lights For Scion tC