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Halo Headlights for Toyota Tundra

For this week only during our Annual Mega Sale, select a set of Toyota Tundra halo headlights at bargain prices. With Oracle™ or LED Concepts™ halo headlights, get tens of thousands of hours of use.

Our Toyota Tundra halo rings come in a variety of colors and different types of lighting technologies. Find the right ones for you and get free US shipping for orders $99+.

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More About Toyota Tundra Halo Headlights

At NFC Performance, Toyota Tundra halo headlights are available in LED or Plasma lighting, as kits and full assemblies, and in your choice of single color or multi color options. Multi color options are some of our best selling products. For fluid color changing and lighting effects, go for an LED Profile Prism or colorSHIFT kit or full assemblies.

LEDs (light emitting diodes) are the dominant lighting type in the world of halo headlights and other aftermarket auto lighting accessories. They have replaced CCFL, which stands for cold cathode fluorescent lighting, rings - the original halo lighting type - which have since been retired. Though they have a distinctly different look, LEDs have many notable advantages over CCFL products.

In addition to changing colors and their lighting effects, LED lighting allows you to control your halo rings with a remote control. If LEDs are your lighting choice, make sure you have a remote to use with them. If you don't have one already, make sure you add a remote to your order. LEDs are also significantly brighter than CCFLs, showing up even in the bright light of the daytime, and last longer at 60,000 hours.

If you're looking for the newest halo technology on the market, you may want to consider a set of Plasma halo rings. Toyota Tundra Plasma rings are available as single color kits (not as full assemblies, and not as color changing rings). They do, however, have some of the benefits that LEDs and CCFL rings have to offer. Like LEDs, Plasmas are brighter than CCFLs, but have the smooth classic halo look that CCFLs created.

Toyota Tundra Halo Headlight Installation

Toyota Tundra halo kits are fairly easy to install on your own and come with a full set of instructions that will walk you through opening the assemblies, putting the wires and halo rings in the right place, and closing your assemblies back up. Halo kits don't require you to handle any complicated wiring and have a lower price point than pre-assembled halos. You can also check out installation information ahead of time by viewing our Halo Headlight Installation Tips page.

Pre-assembled halos have higher prices, but are worth the extra cost because they arrive to you with the halos already installed - you will need to replace your old assemblies with the new ones. Because they are made specifically for your vehicle, pre-assembled lights are custom orders. When you place your custom order with NFC Performance, we will ask for a photo of your Tundra so we can make sure that you we get you the correct product. Before you order your new assemblies, check out our information about custom orders

More Toyota Tundra Lighting Options

You can get halo headlight rings, halo fog light rings, and LED halo tail lights made specifically for your Toyota Tundra, but these are not the only lighting accent options that you have. NFC Performance also lists multiple universal fitment lighting products. These products do not have to match up exactly to a specific make, model, and year, making them popular lighting additions.

Our Profile Prism and colorSHIFT demon eyes kits are some of our top selling universal fitment products. Demon eyes are different from angel eyes (halo rings) because they change the color of your entire headlight beam, rather than emitting a ring of light around them.

LED demon eyes kits are color changing, remote controllable, and often more economical than halo kits, while still being easy to install. While they don't have a specific list of makes and models they can be used with, demon eyes are limited to use in vehicles with projector style headlights.

LED Concepts Lights For Toyota Tundra

LED Concepts™ is one of NFC Performance's trusted suppliers of halo headlights, halo fog lights, and many other LED auto lighting products. Though they opened their doors as recently as 2013, they have already overtaken much of their competition and are now a recognized name and, as of 2017, part of a larger company. LED Concepts™ offers excellent warranties for their products, and their halos are built to last you for tens of thousands of hours of use.

Oracle Halo Lights For Toyota Tundra

Oracle Lighting™ makes a huge range of products for nearly every make and model you'd want to buy halos for. Not only are they the manufacturer of all of our Plasma kits and assemblies and many of our LED rings, they also make wheel lights, engine bay lighting kits, side markers, and more. That's why they are the most recognized brand name in the aftermarket auto lighting business. If you're looking for a specific lighting product for your car or truck, chances are, you can find it here as part of Oracle's product line.

Important Information for All Orders

When your halos (or other lighting product) are delivered, the first thing you should do is inspect them right away to make sure there are no visible defects or shipping damage. While receiving a non working product is very unlikely, it can happen, and it needs to be reported to us right away. Oracle Lighting™ and LED Concepts™ both require damage to be reported to them within 24 hours of the product being delivered.

Once you have determined that there is no visible damage, you will want to bench test the product as soon as possible (remember your 24 hour window). A bench test is a way to try out your halos before you go through the process of installing them in your assemblies. You will need to connect to a 12 volt power source and a ground source. For more information about performing a bench test and information about what to do if your product is damaged, check out our shipping policies.

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