ColorSHIFT Music Remote by Oracle™

ColorSHIFT Music Remote by Oracle™

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If you want to be the life of your next outdoor party, or you just want to make sure that every head is turning to watch you go by, whether you’re driving down the road or pulling up to a car show, then make sure you install our awesome ColorSHIFT Music/Sound LED Controller by Oracle Lighting Technology. This simple unit will let you control your ColorSHIFT LED lights and make them bounce to the beat of your own personal drum. That’s right, with this beast, you can sync your LEDs up to your favorite music and let the good times roll. You can impress all of your friends when you start activating you included wireless remote and making your LEDs “dance”. Let’s face it, won’t it feel good to be the first invite to every outdoor party your friends are throwing from now on?

ColorSHIFT Halos DIY Demo

ColorSHIFT Halos Demo

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