Variable Voltage Regulator by Oracle™

Variable Voltage Regulator by Oracle™

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Product Description

Is the voltage output on your ride a bit on the sketchy side? If you’'re having trouble getting the most bang for your buck with your awesome Oracle Lighting Technology Halos, then you may have a voltage regulation problem and that’s where our Oracle Variable Voltage Regulator comes in. Now you can fine tune the amount of power your ride is putting out and make sure it’s consistent and amenable to your Oracle products and other products that require a steady state of power. This unit will ensure that your Oracle equipment is getting a steady state of 12V power. So if you’re concerned about investing in our top of the line Oracle Lighting Technology equipment, put your mind at ease. Just install our Oracle Variable Voltage Regulator and start having fun with your favorite Oracle Lighting Technology Halos and other fun lighting products.

Product Specifications:
  • 5 Amp Max
  • Input: 1-27V
  • Output: 1.25-32V

Voltage Regulator DIY Tutorial

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