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At NFC Performance, we have a huge listing of halo headlights kits and assemblies for a wide range of makes and models. Look below to choose your vehicle's make and model and to be directed to the page where you can see all of your halo headlights options. Just make sure to select your model's year. All of our halo lights for cars, trucks, and SUVs come from the best manufacturers, Oracle Lighting and LED Concepts, and you can get them here at excellent bargain prices.



Everything You Should Know About Halo Headlights: Before You Buy

Halo Headlight Technology

There are a few different lighting technologies that have been used in halo headlights since they first came onto the market in the early '00s. The original halo lights used CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lighting) technology. However, CCFL halo rings couldn't compete with newer and brighter lighting technologies, which have pushed CCFLs into retirement.

LED (light emitting diode) halo headlights were the ones to push CCFLs over the edge. LEDs are the most popular kind of halo headlights. They are the only type of color changing halo headlights, are remote controllable, and shine brighter than CCFLs did. Another distinct difference is their fractioned beams, where it's possible to see the spaces in between the many individual bulbs that make up LED halo rings. LED lighting is also used in many other auto lighting products such as wheel rings, rock lights, and demon eyes.

Plasma lighting is the newest halo headlight technology. Its biggest advantage is that it has resurrected the classic halo beam that would have otherwise vanished with the end of CCFLs. Plasmas have smooth, bright beams, and like LEDs, are remote controllable. They cannot, however, change colors, but they last the longest of all the halo headlight types at 100,000 hours.

Halo Headlights Manufacturers

All of our halo headlights kits and sets of assemblies, as well as every other lighting accent product, come from our trusted manufacturers, LED Concepts and Oracle Lighting. Both of these companies are based in the United States and back their products with outstanding warranties.

Halo Headlights by LED Concepts at NFC PerformanceLED Concepts has only been in business since 2013, but they have still shot to the top of the list of some of the best halo headlights manufacturers in the country. They quickly overtook most of their competition, and in 2017 they were acquired by The Retrofit Source, a larger company that saw LED Concepts' huge potential and has been able to offer them even more resources in support of their high-performance products.

Halo Headlights by Oracle LightingOracle Lighting may be the most recognized brand name in the halo headlights industry. Their product line covers a huge range of makes and models. If you're looking for a halo headlight product for your vehicle, chances are Oracle makes it.

Placing Your Order

Why Buy From NFC Performance?

You've already seen that our products come from the best manufacturers, but if you're not yet fully Lowest Prices for Halo Headlights at NFC Performanceconvinced that this is the best place to buy your halo headlights, we have three other big reasons that will bring you around.

Our Low Prices. We list the lowest prices around, and we do this by comparing our deals with our competitors'. We know that our customers are looking for the biggest bang for their buck, so that's what we're offering. And we have so much confidence that we've succeeded that we back our final
Free Shipping for Most Halo Headlights at NFC Performancepricing with our Lowest Price Guarantee.

Free Shipping. Some stores may appear to have the lower price, but when you get to checkout, you'll find that a large shipping fee has been added to your order. With us, it's easy to get free shipping. All you need is an order total that is above $99, a requirement that nearly every halo headlight product will meet, and a shipping address within the contiguous United States.

Best Halo Headlight Customer Support at NFC PerformanceTop-Notch Customer Support. If you have questions about our halo headlight products, placing an order with us, or an existing order, call or email us. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff are available Monday - Friday to get you the information you need. We'll also keep in touch with you for each step of your order from sending you a confirmation email to providing you with the tracking information for your package once it ships.

Receiving Your Halo Headlights

Inspect Your Product

When your halo headlights are delivered, the first thing you should do is inspect them for damage. It’s not common for products to be damaged during shipping, but it can happen, so you should know what to do just in case. If you look at your halo headlights, and they seem fine, then great - but your inspection process is not over yet.

You will also need to run a bench test, which involves hooking up your halo lights to a power source without going through the entire installation process first. If your halos don’t light up properly during this bench test, make sure you contact us immediately. Hold onto the damaged product and all of the packaging materials that it arrived with. This is important because Oracle Lighting and LED Concepts have a policy that shipping damage must be reported to them within 24 hours of the product’s delivery in order for them to replace your halo headlights at no additional cost to you.

Installing Your Halo Headlights

If you have decided to order full custom halo headlights assemblies or if you have found a local mod shop to install your halos for you, you can skip the installation step. If you're installing your halos yourself, you'll need the comprehensive set of instructions that came with your halo headlights kit and some tools. 

If you'd like a little more help with installing your halo headlights, you can check out the video below where an expert from Oracle Lighting™ shows you how to install a set of Ford F-150 halo headlights. There are multiple other videos out there by LED Concepts and Oracle Lighting that show you how to install halo headlights for various other makes and models.

Once you have your halo headlights perfectly installed, it will be time to take them out on the road and make every other driver jealous. Just one reminder - not all colors are street legal, so it's a good idea to check out the laws for your area. In general, red and blue lights are reserved for emergency vehicles. Avoid being ticketed by following the rules, and enjoy your brand new halo headlights!