In an ever-changing world of automotive technology, it's getting both easier and harder to stand out as a writer in the industry today. New opportunities to cover advancing technologies and time honored takes on the classics are constantly popping up, but the independent voice continues to be threatened by major media and the big money that backs them. The list we've assembled is mainly comprised of the greatest independent voices in the industry that strive to give us true, unique, and entertaining content about the automotive world. In this awards post we will give you a very detailed look at statistics across a wide range of metrics that prove these websites and their writers are a force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned after the rankings for personal messages from some of the top writers about their experience.

The Ratings & Rankings Algorithm:

Our algorithm was created in house using a weighted system incorporating both social media signals, off-site signals, and on-site factors. These statistics took months to gather and utilized tools like Majestic, SEMRush, Twitonomy, Facebook Insights, Moz, and Alexa. Weights were given in each area to balance the different signals and prevent one very strong or weak area from skewing the overall influence of the blog.

It's impossible to ignore the power of social media in today's online environment. You can write the best piece in the history of the world, but if nobody reads it, there's really no influence created. Social media statistics play a dual role in judging the success of a blog right now. First, the greats will attract a big social media following because of their quality. Second, if they have big followings, everything they publish is amplified by the audience that can instantly be reached through social promotion.

Of course, there also has to have a great website or nothing else matters. Tools like Majestic and SEMRush helped us look for inbound links and the quality of those linking to the site, giving both trust and relevance signals. These tools also helped us look at the number of ranking keywords in SERPs and the estimated traffic, while Alexa gave us global website ranking statistics.

Complete detailed stats for each featured blog:

Their Stories:

We've been doing our best to contact every writer and site owner to let them know about these awards and hear directly from them what it's like to be successful in covering the automotive industry. This is a work of passion for much of the members of this prestigious list and they've shared some great advice on how to get started, what keeps them going, and why they chose to be a part of this industry. It's priceless advice for anyone looking to start a blog of your own or grow your influence if you've already begun.

If you are on the awards list and we still haven't heard from you, please email and we will be happy to share your story alongside your peers anytime. Now, let's hear from the participants!

classicnation auto blog

#32: - Evan Ernst - @classicnation

Classic Nation began back in 2005 and the growth on the site has been incredible. From the humble beginnings with the first photos of a 1965 Impala SS, Classic Nation has evolved into much more than just a social network or a blog. It is a community for classic car lovers to share their favorite rides.

Classic Nation is a community made for fans of vehicles produced up until 1972. A focus on vintage vehicles brings some of the most outstanding photos and stories of vintage cars loved by many car enthusiasts./p>

Without incredible community members, Classic Nation wouldn't exist. It all rides on the one of a kind, unique content brought together in an effort to create a vintage automobile-focused site based on the workings of Reddit, Wikipedia, and Craigslist. Whether you are looking for advice, want to share your vintage ride, or simply want to admire incredible vehicles, Classic Nation is the place to go./p>

Hydro Kevin Car Blog

#45: - Kevin Kantola - @hydrokevin

What made you decide to start writing about cars?

First, thanks for listing my Hydrogen Cars Now website in your top 100 list.

In 2003, I had listened to President Bush's State of the Union Address and made a mental note of his mention of hydrogen cars. Over the next couple of years, I did some limited research on the Internet to find out more, but was frustrated that I could not find a website that had all the information I wanted under one roof.

In the Spring of 2005, in a bout of angst about why I could not find more information about hydrogen cars, I decided to write, edit and publish my own. So, I conducted a lot of research and in June 2005, this hydrogen car website was born and it has received much attention right from the start from those interested in less dependency upon foreign oil and those interested in a cleaner environment.

What is your favorite part about writing and being in the car niche?

There is always new and exciting technology to discover right around the bend.

Do you have any advice for people hoping to start a car website or blog of their own?

Find a niche that you’re passionate about, research the heck out of it and then write unique and compelling content (and learn to market that content). Just get started – one of the hardest things to overcome is inertia!

Hybrid Guy Automotive - Jeff Carey

#49: - Jeff Carey - @hybridguy

That is exciting news and I appreciate you reaching out to me. I know there are some auto sites that get incredible traffic, so I'm sure we are a relatively small fish in that big pond...but it's still fun to know we are helping people. Here are some answers to your questions. - Jeff

What made you decide to start writing about cars?

In 2007 I started to become interested in hybrid vehicles. Even though they had been around for a few years by that point, they weren't very popular in the Midwest yet (where I live). I was mainly doing research for my next car purchase, but decided it might be helpful if I shared it with others. So, I started with and just kept buying domains and building websites and blogs. A year later I had nearly 100 auto related sites, but quickly learned that I didn't have the time or resources to keep them all updated.

Today I continue to focus on just a handful of those sites, with and being two of our most popular. As you might know, people in the U.S. love their SUVs. However, they don't love them quite so much when gas prices go over $4 per gallon and it costs $100 to fill them. So, many people are looking for a sport utility that also gets decent mileage.

What is your favorite part about writing and being in the car niche?

I enjoy the interaction with readers. For a long time I had a monthly newsletter with about 8,000 subscribers, but as people have moved to social media the conversation has shifted. Now with gas prices so low, interest is down about 50% (based on our website visits) but as prices increase again, people will return to looking for information about gas saving vehicles.

Do you have any advice for people hoping to start a car website or blog of their own?

It is a huge market and there are some very large players who create top quality content every single day. So, I'd recommend picking a very narrow niche that interests you the most, rather than trying to keep up on changes to hundreds of vehicles.

Weekly Driver James Raia

#56: - James Raia - @james_raia

What made you decide to start writing about cars?

After 25 years as a sportswriter and columnist for three daily newspapers, I had the opportunity to write about a car I test drove (2004 Honda Accord) for a now-defunct lifestyle website called in Canada About a year later, I began to test drive a new car once a week via relationships with manufacturers. I purchased the URL and I have been the editor and publisher of the site for a decade.

What is your favorite part about writing and being in the car niche?

The diversity of the available new cars and responsibility and satisfaction editing and publishing a site. I also thoroughly enjoy talking to the owners of vintage cars.

Do you have any advice for people hoping to start a car website or blog of their own?

Find a niche. Write an educated opinion for unique content. Learn social media. Find a trustworthy webmaster. Go to meet ups. Look at other sites for ideas. Cultivate contributors.

Any other advice you think it is important to know?

Buy the URL that corresponds to your name.

British Sports Cars Blog San Luis Obispo

#59: - Justin Jurgens - @justinbsc

What made you decide to start writing about cars?

I grew up in the family business around British cars, and have always had a passion for them, as well as most any rare and unusual cars. When we first started the website, it was simply a way to advertise the business, but it's become much more of an opportunity as we began to publish content on a regular basis. Our internet presence has become a major part of the business, and we genuinely enjoy working on improving our overall web presence and what we bring to the table in terms of the overall industry.

As our site got more and more traffic, we figured it was the perfect platform to document our restoration projects. We're fortunate in that our location (Central California) is pretty much a goldmine for all types of classic British cars in need of restoration, so we always have at least one project going. People really enjoy following a project from start to finish, and that inspires us to cover every phase. It's made us better writers, not to mention better photographers! Writing about what we do has also proven to be very beneficial; we've completed several restorations for customers who one way or another found their way to our site and saw our track record.

What is your favorite part about writing and being in the car niche?

Writing is a great way to not only process, but reflect on our accomplishments. In the sometimes hectic day-to-day goings on, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that we're actually doing some pretty amazing stuff.

What we love most about being in the business is the sheer joy that customers experience when they drive away in a car they've either dreamed about owning for many years or a car that's been restored to all its former glory. We live and breathe British cars, and love to talk to people about every aspect. We love getting to meet new people and hear the stories behind their cars, and what got them interested in the car. And it's not always necessarily about the rare or valuable car. Sometimes the best stories and best experiences you can have in this industry are just about everyday cars and how people relate to them.

Finally, being in this business has afforded us opportunities to visit and participate in some of the world's most distinguished automotive events like Monterey Car Week right up the road, and the Goodwood Revival all the way across the pond. And now that we're publishing content on a regular basis, we document our travels and share them with our site visitors. Equally valuable and enjoyable is participating in local events where we can really rub elbows with all kinds of local folks who share our enthusiasm.

Do you have any advice for people hoping to start a car website or blog of their own?

Stick to what you love. There are so many sites out there that post anything and everything, and as a result the quality of content tends to suffer. Obviously, some of those with enough resources have done very well with it, but that success is often gauged in different ways depending on the goals of a site. One of the potential drawbacks of overreaching with the objective of just putting out there as much content as possible to get more clicks, is losing the real enthusiasts. If you have a real passion for what you do, it will come across in the content, and the enjoyment you get from contributing to the car culture is something to take pride in.

Or anything else that's important to you! :)

There's nothing like hitting the road in your favorite car, and just experience the pure joy of it. After all, it's all about the cars, and what are cars better for than driving? ;-)


#61: - Dana Ruso - @carztune

What made you decide to start writing about cars?

There are different reasons why people love cars. Maybe their parents instilled this passion for horsepower ever since they were little. Or maybe they love the sensation they get when they drive on an empty road, under the sparkly sky. Or perhaps they don't like taking the bus and they'd much rather take the car even if they're not that obsessed with cars. At we are all these things and so much more. We like to learn more about cars, we like to share the best tips in terms of maintenance, how to economize or how to keep cars going with little to no modifications. We also love discovering the newest models or prototypes, so we closely observe the best auto shows. These are the main reasons is now on the market. Oh, and from the desire to share everything with people just like you. So if you are interested, come take a look at our website.

What is your favorite part about writing and being in the car niche?

The best thing about writing and constantly being involved in the car niche is the fact that you can always be part of the best projects. You get to be the first one to discover tricks on how to buy a used car that will last you for years, how to avoid driving hazards that could cost you more than a bumped spoiler or how to act when you are involved in a car accident. And the fact that we can dig all of this up and share it with others is what gives us most pleasure.

Do you have any advice for people hoping to start a car website or blog of their own?

We're not the ones to brag about things or pretend to be wise. But from our experience, you'd better prepare yourself with a LOT of patience and be ready to provide quality information to your readers. You might not always feel like writing but try to find a way to motivate and inspire yourself and others.

#71: - Chris Raymond - @chrisoncarstwt

What made you decide to start writing about cars?

I started writing about cars when a friend developed a successful sports satire site. His success motivated me to start my own site, and my life-long love of cars was the natural topic. I am a true gearhead, and can spend hours reading or talking about cars. One day I decided that I had a knowledge and love for cars that others could appreciate, so I called myself an authority, and went to work writing. The result has been a labor of love, and any success the site has is validation to me that there are people out there who love cars and car design as much as I do.

What is your favorite part about writing and being in the car niche?

Above all else, my favorite thing is meeting new people who love cars as much as I do. Through the site, I have met a man who has organized a classic car rally in Iran, met a man who owns a Bizzarrini, met several filmmakers, had the honor or working on a NASCAR ACT series pit crew, participated in many autocross events, and even worked on a early Hispano Suiza. I have readers from all over the world, which means I now have friends all over the world. The people I meet are what makes this worth while.

Do you have any advice for people hoping to start a car website or blog of their own?

Anyone who contacts me get basically the same advice...keep writing and make it original. Too many websites have the same automotive news stories, or tailor the content to trending topics from Google and Twitter. Writers and bloggers should write about what they love, regardless of whether it's popular or not. I write about car design mostly, and the website has grown because my content is not the same as some of the bigger websites. Next, once you start writing, keep going...even through the boring times. Most websites last less than a year, and the ones that stay around usually gain a following. Content is King. Lastly, I would say to treat your readers with respect. Write with passion, and accept that your readers will be as passionate about your topics as you are. Don't become a Jalopnik and write like all your readers are mindless teenagers who giggle at dirty words and know nothing. One more thing...don't worry about stats. If your'e popular, it should be because you are dedicated to your theme, not because you drive the right SEO strategy or use the correct keywords. I write for fun and for the love of cars, not to sell ad space or become the most popular site on the internet.

The Automotive Attic

#77: - Paul Simmons - @paulsimmons8488

What made you decide to start writing about cars?

I started writing about cars because I had so many stories floating around my head, and more come up every day. Just seeing an older car on the street often reminds me of a past experience. Vehicles that I have never seen before, especially while living in Europe and Asia, inspire me to dig a bit and learn more. From the time I could walk I was spending my free time at my dad's auto body repair shop, so it's no surprise that I became a huge car fan!

What is your favorite part about writing and being in the car niche?

My favorite part of writing about cars is getting to share my passion with other people. There are so many great automotive websites out there that I wanted to find a niche that was missing: less well-known, often unloved cars from the past that have some quirky attraction for people like me. It's rewarding to read comments from people who also have a soft spot for a certain car from the past, and who enjoy sharing the memories these cars evoke.

Do you have any advice for people hoping to start a car website or blog of their own?

When starting a car blog or website, try to find an angle that really appeals to you and isn't well covered online. With so much competition out there for readers, a broad topic like 'Cars' will have a tough time getting noticed. Also, if you're not passionate about luxury cars, it will show up in your writing. Be genuine and write about something you care about: your readers will sense it and share your excitement.

For me it has been almost two years writing my blog, and I'm still loving it! Use social media as a way to draw more people into your corner of the automotive universe. Even if your page is slow to catch on, if it's something you truly love doing, you'll be inspired to keep slugging away.

#88: - Kevin Harrison - @car_driven

What made you decide to start writing about cars?

I've been a gear head ever since I was three years old. The only toys my parents could get me to play with were toy cars or trucks (I also also particularly fond of construction vehicles). My father bought me a subscription to European Car magazine when I was older and I remember a BMW M coupe was on the cover and it took my breath away. I read the review on it and that's when I realized people can actually make a living reviewing cars. As soon as I got my driver's license I started reviewing any car I could have access to, whether it was my dad's old Volvo 240 or a friend's parents' Honda CR-V. Later I decided the best way to keep my passion of cars and writing going was to hone my writing skills so I got a Journalism degree and started writing columns in the Wheels section of our local paper. I wasn't really a huge fan of the politics surrounding writing for a paper so that's when I decided to be my own boss and write and say whatever I wanted about cars. After making a bit of a name for myself, I started to ask manufacturers to have access to press vehicles. A lot of them said no, but Nissan took a chance on me. Once other manufacturers saw that Nissan was letting me review their press cars, everyone wanted me on board too. I've been doing it ever since.

What is your favorite part about writing and being in the car niche?

Probably the best thing is being able to write about something that affects us all whether its directly or indirectly and doing it on my own terms. My style of writing uses a lot of analogy and easy to understand terminology because most of the general public aren't gear heads so they are put off as soon as you start going on about rear diffusers or torque numbers because they don't understand it. My audience is non-car people and I purposely cater to them because they are a larger audience, plus car-people will read my work regardless of how it is written.

Do you have any advice for people hoping to start a car website or blog of their own?

My advice would be to write, write, write. You can never write too much. Also, if anyone wants to start their own car blog for the sole purpose of reviewing cars then you can forget it. You have to have a true passion for everything and anything automotive related, otherwise you won't succeed You need to follow and write about the business end of the auto industry, environmental impacts, dealership issues, new tech - everything. You won't succeed if you just want to drive a new car every week. You also won't succeed if all you want to do is drive Ferraris and Porsches. You need to be truly passionate which means getting just as excited about getting the opportunity to drive a Toyota Corolla as you would an Aston Martin Vantage. If you can do that, and write as much as you can, then you can succeed. Also, make good use of social media!


#92: - John Boyd - @coolcarguy

I have owned for a long time. I have been brokering cars for almost 11 years in Denver Colorado and I have clients around the country who use my services. I buy, sell, trade and lease vehicles every day to people as The Cool Car Guy. I do every make model and price range of vehicle from high-end sports cars to your every day grocery getter.

The blog is my own site for my clients to use and for anyone else who cares to read some of what I have to say as an expert in the automotive industry.

I'm currently working with a web design company to introduce some really cool new features to the site, but my personal blog will still remain intact. I hope to have it launched by the middle to the end of October.


#93: - Amelia Dalgaard - @motorheadmama

What made you decide to start writing about cars?

I decided to start writing about cars because I would send smart assed texts to a friend back East with car photos. Finally she said, “Start a Blog, already!” I said, “What’s a blog”

What is your favorite part about writing and being in the car niche?

My favorite part is when people say “Oh, I’m not a Car Person” and then they proceed to tell me a story about a car that they loved.

Do you have any advice for people hoping to start a car website or blog of their own?

Don’t be intimidated by the gear heads. Half of them have no idea what they’re talking about and the other half are super nice and will buy you beers.

What’s important to me?

That all people can embrace car culture. I’m a middle aged mother of two who is has absolutely no business being a car writer. Plus, I’m too sexy to be in sweat pants all day, but that’s what writers do…

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