2015-2017 Ford F-150 LED Headlight Perimeter DRL Kit by Oracle™

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Product Description

THIS IS NOT A SET OF FULL ASSEMBLIES! This is a kit of Perimeter Halo DRL Boards for you to have installed in your existing assemblies. We recommend you have them professionally installed unless you are comfortable working on vehicles. If you plan on installing the perimeter DRL Boards yourself, check out our Halo Installation Tips Page before buying to help you understand what is involved in the installation process.


If you are in the market for Halos, Oracle Halo Rings are a no-brainer. Oracle Lighting™ is the #1 brand in Halo Rings and aftermarket full headlight assemblies, and for good reason. No other brand offers a lifetime warranty on their products! We have specifically chosen to work with Oracle because of their commitment to quality and the fact that Oracle automotive lighting has been a recognized industry leader from the very beginning. Each Oracle HALO kit is backed by an industry-leading manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty. These lights are built to outlive your vehicle!

Whether you are looking for Oracle HALOs or Oracle wheel lights, we have them. If you have any questions about finding the perfect set for your ride, don't hesitate to call us for instant access to one of our knowledgeable staff members. Also, don't forget about our ultimate Low Price Guarantee. If you find these lights for less money anywhere else on the web, we will beat the price!

Halo Rings by Oracle Lighting are hands-down the best auto customization mod on the market today. Halo rings have taken the market by storm over the past few years. They are not only the most shockingly pronounced vehicle mod you can buy, but they also extremely affordable! A top-quality single-color Oracle halo headlight kit, including everything you need to get installed, is usually around two hundred dollars. What other car mod can completely change and enhance the look of your vehicle for such a small price? None. This is it! No matter what type you are looking for, your satisfaction is our #1 priority at NFC Performance. We are the web's premier Oracle headlight dealer with unbeatable pricing and customer service. We look forward to hooking you up!

Vehicle Specifications


  • 2015 Ford F-150
  • 2016 Ford F-150
  • 2017 Ford F-150

Product Details

The New ORACLE LED Perimeter DRLs allow you to add the modern luxury look of smooth LED Daytime Running Lights like the Premium F150 Headlights. Installation is easy with F150 specific instructions and included mounting clips. 

Get the look of the 2015 Ford F-150  Quad-Beam LED Platinum Headlights with Perimeter DRL's! If your Ford F-150 does not already have the perimeter LED DRLs, then this kit is for you!

LED HALO Rings (a.k.a. SMD lights) are available for ultra-bright output that can be seen during the day and night. LEDs are also the only technology that can be controlled by a wide range of awesome remote control systems, including wireless, sound activated, and programmable lighting solutions. Lastly, Oracle's advanced LED technology is now available in dual-color and ColorSHIFT models. With multiple color lights, the 1le flip of a switch allows you to easily change between street legal colors like white and non-street legal colors (laws vary by state; check with your local law enforcement for details about your area). Remote controls also provide for super cool lighting and color changing effects like strobing, fading, breathing, and more. LED Halo Rings last considerably longer than the obsolete CCFL Halo Rings did - a major plus! On the downside, LEDs are individual bulbs so the overall look is not a smooth, continuous glow like the older CCFL technology produced, but luckily Plasma is here for those that prefer Oracle's™ old school look.

LED lights are designed to operate on direct current at a very low voltage. The LED driver corrects the input voltage and protects the LEDs from both current and voltage fluctuations. On the previous model SMD Halos the voltage was adjusted through resistors mounted on the back of the circuit board. If a resistor failed it would cause that segment of LEDs to turn off. By removing the resistors from the circuit board and developing a constant current external driver specific to this application we achieved several advantages over the previous model.

  • Increased Reliability- By conditioning the power going into the LEDs, this prevents degradation which can shorten the overall lifespan of the product.
  • Wider Input Voltage- Old SMD rings were designed to strictly work with a 12V system. Voltage spikes could cause damage to the LEDs or failure. The new SMD Halos can operate on a very wide voltage range.
  • Ease of Installation- With the resistors no longer on the back of the circuit board, there is more surface area contact between the PCB and the headlight mounting surge.
  • Brighter/ More Even Light- by moving the heat load of the resistors off of the PCB we are able to increase the number of LEDs on the circuit board without thermal issues. This means a brighter and more even light.
  • Easy to Replace- Although uncommon, if there is ever a case where a LED driver needs to be replaced you can easily unplug it from the ring and replace without having to open the headlight.

  • Also Known As: LED Halo
  • Longevity (in hours): 60,000
  • Light Output Style: Intense
  • Material: Circuit
  • Board Best Display Time: Day or Night
  • Brightness: Brightest

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